Virtues of Raja

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Virtues of Raja':

After presenting the quotes and criteria of Raja', here is a glimpse on its virtues. Raja' has many fruitful virtues if it is correctly entertained. Such virtues include the following:  

  • Manifesting humiliation and need to one's Lord through seeking refuge in His bounties and generosity that a person can never live without it.
  • Allah Almighty loves His servants to have Raja' in Him and ask Him to bestow His bounties upon them because He is the Sovereign [Al-Mali], the Truth [Al-Haqq] and the Most-Generous.
  • Refraining from Allah's wrath, this is because the one who does not ask Allah, Allah sends His wrath upon Him.
  •  Raja' paves the way for the person towards seeking the pleasure of His Lord. It urges the person to pursue his life. Raja' is the power that pushes a person to lead a happy life. This is because none can live with fear, but loving Allah moves the person towards good.
  • Raja' increases Allah's love in one's heart. The more a person hopes in Allah in answering his wishes and then they come true, Allah's love increases in one's heart as a means of gratitude.
  • It increases one's gratitude and thanking.
  • It increases a person's knowledge of Allah, His Names, its meanings and invoking Him through them.
  • Love and hope are inseparable.
  • Hope and fear are integrated.
  • When a servant's wishes are answered by his Lord, it brings happiness to one's life.
  •  Raja' allows a servant's heart to continuously remember Allah, His Names, Attributes and enjoying its blessings.


Oh Allah! We ask You to grant us Your love, fear and hope, and peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad.  


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