No One to Thank

No One to Thank

Haya Muhammad Eid

Article translated to : العربية
No One to Thank

The Qur’an wonders in what areas and in what ways humans rely on their own strength when they fail to acknowledge God as the Giver, saying:

“O humankind! What has made you careless concerning your Lord, the Most Generous?”

(Qur’an 82:6)

At some point during the day, each human experiences thirst, hunger, and fatigue. While such basic needs clearly expose to each human their own powerlessness and dependence, they strongly point them to the power outside themselves, generously providing for them. Missing food or sleep for one day has profound negative effects on the body. The need is not only physical; the spiritual need is just as strong. And whether humans face grief, failure, and loss, or happiness, gain, and success, they need God just as much for inward provision and mysterious satisfaction. G.K. Chesterton bitterly but truthfully remarked: “The worst moment for an atheist is when he is really thankful and has no one to thank.”

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