Rest assured!

Abdullah ibn Mushabbib al-Qahtān

Allah Almighty responded to the call of the desperate disbelievers. So, what about those who believed in Him as the One true God and in Muhammad as His Prophet?!

If you have any need or are in distress, turn to Him and call out: O Lord, O the Eternal Refuge, remove my distress!

So, do not be disturbed much by distress, illness, or debt. Your Lord is the Eternal Refuge. If you turn to Him, He will not let you down. Remember that the best form of worship is to wait for relief from the Almighty Lord. Indeed, nothing remains as it is; things must change. We do not know what lies ahead; and indeed ease comes with hardship.

The Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) entered the mosque and heard a man supplicate Allah and say: “Allāhumma inni as’aluka ya Allāh Al-Ahad As-Samad al-ladhi lam yalid walam yūlad wa lam yakun lahu kufuwan ahad an taghfir li dhunūbi innaka anta Al - Ghafūr Ar-Rahīm (O Allah, I ask You, O Allah, the One, the Eternal Refuge, Who has not begotten nor was He begotten, and there is none like unto Him, to forgive my sins. Indeed You are the Oft -Forgiving, the Most Merciful).

Thereupon, he said:

“He has been forgiven, he has been forgiven, he has been forgiven.”

[Narrated by Abu Dāwūd; Sahīh (authentic)]

Another narration reads:

“You have implored Allah by the name which when asked therewith, He gives, and when supplicated therewith, He answers.”

[Narrated by Abu Dāwūd; Sahīh (authentic)]

My Lord, I seek Your mercy and refuge.

I pursue nothing but Your pleasure; so answer my supplication.

I call Your name, my Lord, and implore You.

If You do not answer my supplication, who will respond to my crying?

You are the All -Generous; so do not leave me stray.

I got tired of being so distant from You,

and I now implore You and turn to You, 

in humiliation and humbleness; so do not turn down my invocation.

O Allah, the One and Only God, the Eternal Refuge, I ask You Paradise and the words and deeds that bring one closer to it, and I seek refuge in You from Hellfire and from the words and deeds that bring one closer to it.

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