Keys to mercy:

‘Abdullah ibn Mushabbib al-Qahtāni

Allah is no need for us or our worship. We will not enter Paradise except with His mercy. This even applies to our Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him).Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) reported that the Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) said:

“‘No one will enter Paradise by his deeds.’ They said: ‘Not even you, O Messenger of Allah?’ He said: ‘Yes, not even me, unless Allah encompasses me with grace and mercy from Him .’”

[Narrated by Al-Bukhāri and Muslim]

Whoever knows this should engage in the worship of hope, and getting attached to Allah’s mercy and seeking to attain it. This can be achieved through piety, faith, and acts of obedience. 
By this we can attain mercy from our Lord.

{...And My mercy encompasses all things. So I will decree it [especially] for those who fear Me and give zakah and those who believe in Our verses }

[Surat al-A‘rāf: 156]

Allah’s mercy can be attained by obeying Him and obeying His Prophet. Allah Almighty says:

{And obey Allah and the Messenger so that you may obtain mercy.}

[Surat Ᾱl-‘Imrān: 132]

Mercy can also be attained by doing good. Allah Almighty says:

{...Indeed, the mercy of Allah is near to the doers of good.}

[Surat al-A‘rāf: 56]

It is also obtained through seeking forgiveness. Allah Almighty says:

{...Why do you not seek forgiveness of Allah so that you may receive mercy?}

[Surat an-Naml: 46]

Allah’s mercy can also be obtained through remembering and supplicating Him a lot. The Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) said:

“The supplication of a distressed one is: Allāhumma rahmataka arjū fala takilni ila nafsi tarfata ‘ayn wa aslih li sha’ni kullah la ilāha illa ant (O Allah, Your mercy is what I hope for, so do not leave me to myself for a while, and put all my affairs in good order for me. There is no god but You).”

[Narrated by Abu Dāwūd; Hasan (sound)]

Allah’s mercy can only be attained by the merciful among His servants. The Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) said:

“Indeed , Allah shows mercy to the merciful among His servants.”

[Narrated by Al-Bukhāri and Muslim]

For example, a prostitute will enter Paradise by virtue of her mercy towards a thirsty dog as she gave it water in her shoes.


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