The honorable is the one who takes refuge in the Great Lord ..

Abdullah ibn Mushabbib al-Qahtāni

When “Allāhu Akbar” fills a believer’s heart, he takes pride in it and trusts and relies upon his Lord, and everything becomes so small in his eyes compared to the pride and majesty of Allah.

Biographers said:“After Al-Hajjāj had offered two Rak‘ahs behind the Maqām, a poor man from Yemen came and performed Tawāf around the Ka‘bah. During his Tawāf, a harpoon got stuck to his clothing and then fell on Al-Hajjāj’s body, causing him to panic. He said: ‘Hold him!’ The soldiers held the poor Yemeni. He said: ‘Bring him near.’Al-Hajjāj then said: ‘Do you know me?’ He replied: ‘I do not know you.’ Al-Hajjāj said: ‘Who is your governor in Yemen?’ He said: ‘Muhammad ibn Yūsuf -the brother of Al-Hajjāj -who is unjust like him, or even worse.’ He said: ‘Do you not know that I am his brother?’ The man wondered: ‘Are you Al-Hajjāj?’ He replied in the affirmative. Thereupon, the poor man said: ‘How evil you are! And how evil your brother is!’ He asked: ‘How did you leave my brother in Yemen?’ He replied: ‘I left him full and fat.’ Al-Hajjāj said: ‘I am not asking you about his health, but about his justice.’ The man said: ‘I left him oppressive and unjust.’ Thereupon, he said: ‘Do you not know that he is my brother?’ He said: ‘Do you think, O Hajjāj, that your brother derives more power from you than the power I derive from the One and Only God?’”Tāwūs -the narrator -said:“By Allah, this made my hair stand on end! Then, Al-Hajjāj set this man free, and he began to perform Tawāf around the Ka‘bah, fearing none but Allah.”

There are people whose

shrouds are dyed with the blood of sacrifice.

From the spring of “Allāhu Akbar” they drank.

No grave matter, hardship, or great distress could ever be hard for Allah, the Great.

So, the Great is Allah Almighty, and any other great one you have seen or heard about is nothing but a slave to Allah, Who is the Most Great. Hence, no distress can escape the power and will of Allah, the Owner of honor, pride, and majesty.

Allah, the Great Lord, is the One Who will turn your problems into solutions, your pains into wellbeing, your dreams into realities, and your tears into smiles.

So, hold onto the rope of Allah,

for He is the real support for you, while others will fail you.

O Allah, we implore You by Your name “Al-Kabīr” to bestow upon us the favor of entering Paradise and being saved from Hellfire.

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