All keys are in His hand..

Abdullah ibn Mushabbib al-Qahtāni

A person may get severely ill and suffer extreme pains and anguish as a result, with the doctors failing to find a remedy for his diseas
e. All doors to cure are closed. But all of a sudden, the cure comes from the Most Compassionate, the Greatest Judge, the All-Knowing Lord, the Healer Who opens the doors of mercy and cure. He may cure him by some means, the weakest of means, or without any means at all. He is Al-Fattāh, Exalted be He.

You may get hit by tough circumstances, and all problems, crises, and pains come to you from every direction. The doors are closed and you think there is no way out of this severe distress. Yet, you suddenly find relief through the simplest of ways, from Allah, Al-Fattāh, and according to His will.

Poverty may strike you, debts surround you, and your features change and your heart gets broken when you remember your children and apprehend the creditor. You fall in confusion and loss and find all doors closed.

Yet, at this point, Allah, Al-Fattāh, sends His invisible relief, repaying your debts, ending your poverty, and comforting your soul. Indeed, it is Al-Fattāh Who has opened the doors of sustenance to you

Your child, your father, your friend, or a loved one may travel or be away for a long while, and you feel uneasy, distressed, and perplexed and your heart trembles with longing whenever you remember this absent person. Thereupon, you stand humble at the door of your Lord, the King, the Greatest Judge, imploring Him to protect the absent one and bring him back. And behold! You receive glad tidings from above the seven heavens and the absent one turns back, the prisoner gets released, and the loved one returns to you.

{Is He [notbest] who responds to the desperate when he calls upon Him and removes evil...}

[Surat an-Naml: 62]

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