The third pillar: belief in the books of Allah

Dr. Fakhruddeen ibn Az-Zubair ibn Ali Al-Mahsi

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● It is to believe that Allah Almighty sent His books to His prophets to make an argument against his creatures after He had created them upright on instinct but the devil (Shaitan) seduced them. These books have been sent to remind, educate, and straighten those creatures.

● Of these books, Sheets (Suhuf) of Ibrahim, Torah of Musa,The Psalms (Zaboor) of David (Daud), The Bible of Isaa,and the great Qur’an which was the last book revealed to Prophet Mohammad -PBUH-.

● Qur’an is the speech of Allah, it is revealed in the language of the Arabs, cancelling all the previous books. It is dominant over them confirming their revelation and clarifying all the distortion that occurred to them. Qur’an is preserved until the Day of Judgment, and Allah challenged His creatures to come with a similar one or part of it.

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