What should not be done during the prayer

Dr Fakhruddin bin Zubair Al-Mahsi

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1. To put the hand on the waist.

2. Interlacing fingers or snapping.

3. To turn over for no reason.

4. To look at the sky.

5. Yawning, one should try to hold it back.

6. Moving or messing around .

7. Reading Qur’an in ruku and sujood.

8. Wrapping the dress without showing one’s hands as if he is chained.

9. Spitting towards al-qiblah or on the right side.

10. Praying in dirty clothes and bad smells.

11. Spreading the hands on the floor during sujood.

12. To sit by putting the buttock on the floor between his legs.

13. Pointing by raising the hands for tasleem.

14. Praying in front of food or with the need to go to the bathroom.

15. Sujood of the sick on a high place such as a pillow etc.

16. Stretching during the prayer.

17. Covering the mouth during prayer without a reason.

18. Not moving the tongue while reciting.

19. Elongating the clothes for men beneath the heels.

20. Rushing to catch up the prayer.

21. Praying in front of pictures or while wearing clothes with pictures.

22. Praying where camels sit.

23. Specifying a place in masjid for someone other than the imam.

24. Racing with the imam, or not following him appropriately as elongating sujood while imam is standing.

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