Types of money which necessitate zakat

Dr Fakhruddin bin Zubair Al-Mahsi

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1. Gold and silver: including contemporary coins, and theNisab for gold is: (85 grams), Nisab for silver is : (595grams), and currencies are valued by both. If they reachthe mentioned amount or more, then 2.5% should be paid in every hijri year.

2. Jewelry: gold and silver used for adornment, etc. It is better to pay zakat for them as mentioned previously.

3. Trade offers: they are the goods which are intended for trade (sell and buy) such as food, baggage, real estates,etc. one values them every year and pay zakat like in gold and silver.

4. Livestock: they are camels, cows, sheep. The sheep include lamb and goat. If camels reach five heads, cows reach 30 heads and sheep reach 40 heads, one should pay zakat for them.

5. Seeds and fruits: if they reach more than 650 kg and they are watered by rain and rivers without any cost then one should pay 10%, but if they are watered by machines, etc. then one should pay 5%.

6. Honey: If it is more than 40 kg and it is not for trading then one should pay 10%.

7. The buried treasure of al- Jahiliyyah treasures, jewelry,and money. One should pay 5%.

8. Metal: it is everything that is taken from the ground which has a value, and it is treated like the case of gold and silver.

9. Shares: which means to contribute to a part of a large company. Its zakat should be paid every year like trade offers except for assets, one should pay zakat out of the annual profits.

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