Only for the lovers of Allah!

Abdullah ibn Mushabbib al-Qahtāni

A true believer shows love for Allah by such words and deeds that win His love, the greatest of which is obeying Allah Almighty and His Messenger (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him). Our Lord says:

{Say [O Muhammad]: “If you really love Allah, then follow me, and Allah will love you...”}

[Surat Ᾱ l ‘Imrān: 31]

A person continues to adhere to such things that are dear to his Lord and hasten to do whatever is pleasing to Him until he wins His love and closeness.

“If Allah Almighty loves a servant, He calls upon Jibrīl (Gabriel) and says: ‘Verily, Allah loves so-and-so; so love him.’ So, Gabriel loves him and calls upon the inhabitants of the heavens: ‘Verily, Allah loves so-and-so; so love him.’ The inhabitants of the heavens thus love him, and then he is granted acceptance on the earth.”

[Narrated by Al-Bukhāri]

Allah Almighty says

:{Those who believe and do righteous deeds, the Most Compassiona te will endear them [to His creation].}

[Surat Maryam: 96]

When Allah Almighty loves a servant, He becomes

“his hearing with which he hears, his seeing with which he sees, his hand with which he seizes, and his leg with which he walks.”

[Narra ted by Al - Bukhār i]

Ibn al-Qayyim (may Allah have mercy upon him) said:“There are ten means by which a person can win Allah’s love:

1. Reciting the Qur’an and understanding and pondering its meanings and objectives.

2. Seeking closeness to Allah through supererogatory acts of worship after performing the obligatory ones.

3. Remembering Allah at all times and in all situations, by the tongue and heart, and through the deeds and in all circumstances.

4. Preferring the things He loves over the things one loves when one’s personal inclinations become so intense.

5. Considering, observing, and knowing His names and attributes.

6. Observing His kindness, benevolence, and blessings, the apparent and hidden.

7. Having his heart in complete submission to the Almighty Lord.

8. Being inseclusion with Him when He descends to the heaven of this world and engaging in private talk with Him.

9. Sitting with those who love Him and are sincere to Him and picking up the good fruits from their speech.

10. Keeping away from any reason that may stand as a barrier between one’s heart and the Almighty Lord.”

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