Al-Qābid -Al-Bāsit (The Constrictor -The Expander)

Abdullah ibn Mushabbib al-Qahtāni

A word before starting..

To one who pursued all paths but found them blocked and knocked on all doors and found them closed..

To one who explored his inner self and the secrets of his being and found life constricted, despite its vastness..

To one who felt the bitterness of humiliation, and the shackles of helplessness trod on him and battered his being..

To one who was forsaken by his relatives and friends, and his foes gloated over him and he lost his self- confidence..

To one who was hit hard by disasters and surrounded by difficulties and unpleasant things, and relief was too slow in coming to him..

To one whose heart hardened and became hopeless and tired of life..

To one who suffered severe illness, a heavy debt, or abject poverty..

I say to them all: Do not be sad, for Allah Almighty is the Constrictor and the Expander. He will remove your distress and protect you at times of hardships and disasters. He will make you strong without your folks and self-sufficient without wealth, and He will grant you more if you show gratitude to Him, mention you if you mention Him, and give you if you ask from Him.

So, turn to Him and seek closeness to Him through His two names: (Al-Qābid -Al-Bāsit). These two names are closely connected and should always be used together. We may not praise Allah by one of them without the other.

If you want to obtain tranquility and relief within your heart, say as the Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) used to  say:“O Allah, all praise is due to You.

“O Allah, all praise is due to You

O Allah, none can constrict what You expand nor expand what You constrict, nor bring near what You put far away or put far away what You bring near. No one can give what You withhold nor withhold what You give.

O Allah, expand for us some of Your blessings, mercy, favor, and sustenance.

”[Narrated by Al - Bukhāri in Al - Adab al - Mufrad; Sahīh (authentic)] [Narrated by Al - Bukhāri in Al - Adab al - Mufrad; Sahīh (authentic)]

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