To Answer the Divisive Issue: Does the Universe Have a Creator?

Muhammad Alsayed Muhammad

The Existence of God the Creator is self-evident to all rational minds. That is why no one everdenied the Existence of a Supreme Creator except small groups of people. Divine Scriptures were based on the peoples' acceptance of the Existence of their Lord Most High—that He was the One Who created them, provided for them, gave them life and made them to die—then, He increased them in knowledge of Him and called them to worship Him Alone, without partner, for they knew that no one else made them or provided for them, no one else gave them life or took them in death. They knew that no one else could be described by any of the Attributes of God the Creator.
The question might be rephrased in the following manner: We say: Is it the Creator Who is Eternal—the Alpha, before Whom nothing existed—and the Omega—after Whom nothing exists—or is it matter? A law was discovered called "The Law of Available Energy" or "The Law of Entropy," which confirms that matter is not eternal and therefore the existence of this universe could not possibly be eternal.  

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