The Debate

Muhammad Alsayed Muhammad

The leader of the communists stood up and lectured and talked and raved, until he said: The people say, "God exists and He is the one who created the world, who protects and guides it, but this saying of theirs is a fairy tale. If He existed, we would see Him as we see the sun, the moon and everything else! They say He is big and great and glorious, as it says in the Quran, the Torah, and the Bible, yet we now see the smallest of things with observational instruments—microscopes and telescopes. We have examined and scrutinized everything, but we cannot see Him. No one has seen Him. No one has even reported to have seen Him! So He is absent and He does not exist. All things are produced by nature according to materialistic principles…."

Abu Abd al-Karim (the Muslim speaker) then said:So I stood and went up to the podium. I praised Allah Almighty and asked that peace and blessing be sent upon His messenger, our master, Muhammad (pbuh), and said, "The leader who denies the Existence of His Lord and Creator, Glorious in His Power, based his denial on the fact that he cannot see Him, so I ask him, 'Is there a soul in his body an consciousness in his mind?' Of course, he had to say: Yes, he does have a soul in his body and consciousness in his mind. And if that were so, can he see his soul and consciousness? What is it and how is it? Like that, he admitted the existence of something he could not see and confessed to the reality of that which he could not witness. In fact, he admitted to the existence of a soul and consciousness because of the obviousness of their effect. If that were the case then, he should admit the Existence of Allah, for all creation is the effect of His Power and a Sign of His Knowledge and Wisdom. If this ignorant, defiant person could not even see the soul within his own body, how could he see the Lord of the Worlds, when the soul is one of His Decrees? The Noble Creator is He with Whom there is no comparison, He Who has no equal. May He(Glorious and Exalted)

be magnified above that which the unjust say about Him

{So thedisbeliever was utterly defeated. And Allah guides the wrong-doing people.}


Abu Abd al-Karim then said, "So the Muslims said, 'Allahu Akbar,' (God is Great!) "Subhan Allah,' (Glory be to Allah!) and they clapped and cheered and were merry, while the misguided deniers were embarrassed and humiliated." As a result of this debate, the Russians attacked the home of Abu Abd al-Karim and took everything in it of value. Then they sentenced him to death by firing squad. But Allah Almighty, his Creator and Maker, rescued him from their evil and outdid them in an amazing story to be told in its time and place. 

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