Among the Inimitability of the Holy Quran (The Great Miracle)

Muhammad Alsayed Muhammad

Its rhetorical force and the magnificence of its language, the precise harmony of its words and structures, the nobility of its purpose and vision, its challenge to the Arabs— the people of eloquence and verbal acuity—to come up with even one chapter like it…yet they were all unable. They failed and were unsuccessful. They dared not accept the challenge. They could not attack the Holy Quran, not even a single word. There were among them those who stood fast in their disbelief, yet one would praise the Holy Quran upon hearing it, "Verily, in it there is a sweetness; there is an elegance. Its highest reaches are fruitful and its lowest reaches are generous. It is not human speech." This was for no other reason than that the Holy Quran is not of human production; it is the Speech of the Supreme Creator (Blessed & Exalted).

2. The Holy Quran contains news of the Unseen which Allah's Messenger (pbuh) would have had no way of knowing. It came in true detail, just as it was told to him. This news consists of information about the past, present events the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) could not see or hear, and also prophecies of the future.

3. News of amazing, previously unknown scientific facts which no one fourteen centuries ago could have had any knowledge of. The truth and precision of what Allah's Messenger (pbuh) reported has only recently been discovered by modern science. As we have indicated, the Holy Quran is distinguished in the following ways:

A. It excels in the degree of its perfection, its inimitability, and eloquence.

B. It is exemplary in that it brings together everything Allah's creatures need in their current lives and for the Hereafter, in that it came with a pure creed, guiding rituals, proper standards of behavior, virtuous conduct, and merciful legislation.

C. It came with information and amazing knowledge, beneficial instructions, and cogent arguments: one does not find any aspect of life except that the Holy Quran has addressed it, through direct statement, allusion or reference. It contains news of the ancients and their history, and news of those to come.

D. The Holy Quran is distinguished in that it provides permanent legislation. Because the Holy Quran is a miracle that will last until the Final Hour for Arabs and non-Arabs—to all people, in every time and place—its wonders never cease. It has inspired many, many Arab scholars in a wide variety of fields: astronomy, medicine, geography…they willingly submit and respond to it.
E. The Holy Quran stands out in that it supersedes all previous scripture.
F. The Quran excels in the strange influence it holds over the listener. It attracts his heart, takes hold of his feelings, emotions, and passions. The Holy Quran addresses both the intellect and emotions. It offers intellectual benefit and emotional satisfaction together. Indeed, the disbelievers (despite their disbelief and association of partners with Allah) used to love to listen to the Holy

One could mention many, many more examples of the excellence of the Holy Quran—this everlasting, supreme miracle—which was sent down upon the Seal of the Prophets and Messengers, Muhammad (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him). It is true what we have said about the Holy Quran being the greatest miracle of Allah's Messenger (pbuh), but it is not his only miracle (pbuh). The pure, authentic Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh) and his noble statements, sayings, and actions contain news of the Unseen, stories of the past, events in the present beyond the sight or hearing of the Prophet (pbuh), and things to come in the future which Allah's Messenger (pbuh) could have had no knowledge of, which would then occur precisely as he (pbuh) said they would, in addition to the allusion to and direct informing of scientific facts no one at the time knew. Then modern science came along and discovered the truth of what Allah's Messenger (pbuh) had informed us of. This is considered one of the greatest of the miracles the Prophet (pbuh) was supported with by Allah (Blessed & Exalted), to be a testament and proof of his message, his call, and the veracity of the
news he has told us. 

This, in addition to other evidence—proof, miracles, signs in nature—all testify to the message of the Trustworthy Messenger and that he is the Seal of the Prophets and Messengers. 

An Important Point:

Our Lord (Blessed & Exalted) sent His messenger, Muhammad (pbuh) with upstanding legislation and guiding rituals, and among the scientific proof that the law Allah's Messenger (pbuh) came with is from this Creator God is the following:

The Muslim rite of circumambulation around the Holy Ka`bah (Allah's Ancient House) The exemplary Muslim rite of circumambulation around the Holy Ka`bah—the Ancient House—which was prescribed by Allah (Mighty & Majestic) for them as they were chosen for it,
is the only act of worship that is in complete accordance and harmony with the order of the universe that was created and designed by Allah (Glorious & Exalted).  For, Allah (Glorious & Exalted) prescribed for us to circle the Ka`bah seven times in a counterclockwise direction, so that the Ka`bah in on our left. Let us contemplate and closely examine this congruence and peculiar harmony:

1. The nucleus contained in the atom of which all matter is made: Revolving around this nucleus are small, negatively charged particles known as electrons. They revolve in seven energy levels, such that the nucleus has around it seven levels of energy which is the same as the number of circumambulations around the Ka`bah in Tawaaf.  These electrons revolve in a counterclockwise direction, which is the same direction as the circumambulation around the Holy Ka`bah. Glory be to Allah!

2. The earth rotates around its axis in a counterclockwise direction. Glory be to Allah!

3. At the same time, the earth revolves around the sun in a counterclockwise direction, which is the same direction as the Muslim rite of circumambulation around the Ka`bah: counterclockwise. Glory be to Allah!

4. Human spermatozoa circle the ovum in a counterclockwise direction, which is the same direction as the circumambulation of the Ka`bah. Glory and praise be to Allah, the Great!  It is as though moving in a counterclockwise direction as in the rite of

circumambulation around the Ka`bah is one of the pillars of glorification. All other celestial bodies—the sun, the moon, the stars, the planets, the meteors, subatomic particles—all of them move in a counterclockwise direction in their orbits, giving glory to Allah (Glorious & Exalted).  Human spermatozoa circle the zygote in a counterclockwise direction, the zygote rotates on its axis in a counterclockwise direction and the Muslims circumambulate during the rites of pilgrimage around the Ka`bah in a counterclockwise direction. This image—the image of circling in a counterclockwise direction around the nucleus during 

glorification, as the Muslims circumambulate the Ka`bah, as the earth revolves around the sun, as galaxies revolve around a black hole—reveals to us the harmony of Islamic scripture with the order of the universe, which shows that the Creator of this universe is He Who sent down to us the true religion which uncovers for us the laws of the universe. Indeed, it is Islam. This sort of congruence and harmony between the law and worship with which the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) came and the laws of the universe cannot be received by a sound mind with anything less than absolute conviction.
1) The One Who prescribed to Muhammad (pbuh) this upstanding law and guiding rituals must necessarily be the Supreme God, Creator of the universe.
2) The Attributes of this Creator God must necessarily be exactly equivalent to that which Allah's Messenger, Muhammad (pbuh), informed us and precisely as he preached. It is commonly known that Allah's Messenger (pbuh) preached the confirmation
of the Existence of this Great Creator God (Glorious & Exalted). He (pbuh) preached the Oneness of this Great Creator God, in accordance with the Saying of the Most High,

{Say, "He is Allah, the One."}

[Al-Ikhlas 112:1]

The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) taught the glorification of this Creator God and His exaltation above any partner, equal, rival, peer or son,

as Allah Almighty says

{So know that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah.}

[Muhammad19: 47]


 {"He begets not, nor was He begotten."}

[Al-Ikhlas 112: 3]

The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) told us of the Supreme Attributes of this Creator God (Glorious & Sublime), of His Absolute Power, His Comprehensive Knowledge, and His Complete Wisdom.

As the Almighty has said

{There is nothing like unto Him}

[Al-Shura 42: 11]

{"And there is none co-equal orcomparable unto Him."}

[Al-Ikhlas 112: 4]

Scientific Proof:
A materialistic, atheistic man at the beginning of time might have imagined, meek creature that he was, that an enormous star like the sun, which he saw every day without change in its form, was eternal and that it would remain like that forever, for he had always seen it that way without change. The philosophers postulated the agelessness of celestial bodies and their eternity, meaning that they were not created and that they had been the way they were since time immemorial. Modern science, however, has now confirmed

completely that the rays produced by the sun diminish its mass (even if the amount it is diminished is infinitesimal compared to its size), which will lead to its end one day in the future, though that may indeed be far distant. With that, modern science invalidated the saying of the philosophers and deniers of the Existence of God that the sun or any of the other stars is eternal, and likewise the other celestial bodies and planets. Since they have a date of beginning, then by definition, they must also have an end. Then, these philosophers who denied the Existence of God, the Creator, came and said that the atom (matter) is eternal, but physics has invalidated this assumption. It has demonstrated that the atom itself is made up of other subatomic particles, such as the electron, the neutron and the proton. Then, it showed that these subatomic particles themselves are made up of smaller parts, the latest of which physicists call the 'quark.' 

One might say that the quark is eternal matter, but that would also be wrong because: 

1) That would be to speak without knowledge, since a quark does not contain anything that would indicate it is eternal or that it itself is not composed of smaller particles as was previously postulated about the atom, especially if technology advances and develops more than it is now, which it will undoubtedly do, for advances in technology now happen at an amazingly swift pace.

If these quarks, or anything other 'sub-quark-ian' particles that may one day be discovered to be smaller or more minute than the quark, are ever found to be the smallest particles, then this form of matter (quarks or otherwise) must necessarily be selfsufficient, independent in their existence from others. In other words, they do not cease to exist, they do not change, and they do not get exchanged. Yet, that, too, is incorrect, since:
Modern science has established that these particles are subject to transformation into energy, and that energy itself is subject to transformation into matter, so that what we call hydrogen, for example, and what we call light energy are in reality two sides of a
coin, since: Energy is equal to mass times the speed of light squared (E=mc²).This ability to transform indicates: that its ability to remain in a particular form was reliant on external factors, meaning: as long as these factors persist, it remains in one
Therefore, its existence does not depend on itself.
Therefore: It cannot possibly be eternal.
Another result of this is: that matter in any of its forms is subject to destruction, for
matter does get created and destroyed, since it can be broken down or transformed into other forms of matter or energy, and anything that can be broken down or transformed is not eternal

Cosmological Proof:
Modern science has discovered in the field of cosmology a fact of the utmost importance that was not previously known.
The science of cosmology has discovered that the universe is expanding in continuous sequence, such that its galaxies are moving away from each other, constantly and very quickly, and that what is moving apart is the place where these galaxies are located, and through the expansion of this place, the distance between the galaxies located therein is increasing, even as they continue to move in their constant, stable orbits. Cosmologists have tried to explain this strange phenomenon, and as a result, two well-known theories have been proposed. These two theories are:
A. The Infinite Universe Theory (The Theory of Continuous Creation), otherwise
known as: Steady State Theory
B. The Big Bang Theory
These two theories were formed to explain what had been discovered: the stable density of the
universe, despite the increasing distance between its parts.

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