Belief in the Divine Scriptures

Muhammad Elsayed Muhammad

It has been proven by the evidence and testimony we have presented that Allah (Mighty & Majestic) sent His prophets and messengers to the people to invite them to Islam, with glad tidings and stern warnings, and that this is from the Complete and Perfect Wisdom of Allah (Mighty & Majestic).

Then, if we believe the prophets and messengers and have faith in them, we are obliged to believe in the Divine Scriptures sent down upon them by Allah (Noble & Sublime), since they— the prophets and messengers—told us to do so. As Allah Almighty has said,

{Mankind were one community and Allah sent prophets with glad tidings and warning, and with them He sent the Scripture in truth to judge between people in matters wherein they differed.} 

[Al-Baqarah 2: 213]

People of unspoiled nature and sound mind are attentive to that, since it agrees with Allah (Mighty & Majestic) revealing Divine Scriptures that contain His Message, instructions and laws, to judge between people by the verdict of Allah (Noble & Sublime) clarified therein. We must believe in all of the Divine Scriptures, without denying any of them. Those we know of by name, we believe in by name, such as the Torah, the Injeel (of Jesus, pbuh), the Zabour (of David, pbuh), the books of Moses (pbuh), and the Holy Quran. All others, we believe in general. It is imperative that we believe in the Holy Quran—the Final Divine Scripture sent down upon the Seal of the Prophets and Messengers, Muhammad (peace be upon him). 

That is because the Holy Quran is the Book that supersedes all other previous Divine Scriptures. We must therefore seek to judge by it and not by any other Holy Book, due to all that has been corrupted, substituted, and omitted from previous Holy Scriptures. 

As such, we must necessarily believe that the Holy Quran is the Book that our Lord (Blessed & Exalted) has taken upon Himself to protect from being touched by any vile human hand and changed, and so on. That is because it is the last of the Divine Scriptures to be sent until the Day of Judgment. There will be no other Holy Scripture after the Noble Quran.

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