Abel and Cain (Habil and Qabil), the sons of Adam

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Abel and Cain (Habil and Qabil), the sons of Adam


Allah the Almighty says in the Holy Qur'an:


"Tell them you the authentic story of the two sons of Adam, when an oblation was offered and he was accepted to one but the other is not." He said [the latter by envy his brother]: you shit. [His brother answering him] said: Allaah accepts only [the oblations] of the pious. While you lay your hand to kill me I not extend mine to do so, I am afraid to Allah Lord of the universe. I want to upload with the sin of killing myself over your other sins, and seas of the inhabitants of the fire.

That is the punishment of the wicked. And his soul he instigated that he killed his brother and did, counting [with this] among the losers. Allah sent a Raven so it dig the earth and show him how to hide the corpse of his brother. He said: Woe to me! Is it that I am not able to be as this Raven and hide the body of my brother? "And [after burying] were among the repentant."(The served table; 5: 27-28-29-30-31)
We will mention here what was narrated by the Sahabas (companions) and the Tabi'in (the first generation scholars).


It is narrated by some of the companions that:

Adam used to marry the son of a birth to the daughter of another birth. Abel (Habil) wanted to marry the sister of Cain (Cabil). Cain who was older than Abel and his twin sister was very beautiful. So Cain wanted to preserve his sister for it. Adam you order Cain who married his sister, with Abel, but he refused to do so. Then he ordered them both to offer a sacrifice and left for Mecca for the Hajj.

Then that Adam is was, the brothers offered their sacrifices. Abel sacrificed a better offering (a robust lamb), he was pastor. While Cain offered a bale of the worst harvest which he had cultivated; a fire descended and ate the offering of Abel, and the sacrifice of Cain leaving untouched. He was infuriated and threatened to Abel: "I will kill you so you will not be able to marry my sister." Abel replied: "Allah only accepts from those who fear Him".

In another version of Abdullah ibn Amr (radiallahu ´anhu) mentions the following: "by Allah" the victim (Abel) was stronger. "" But his obedience ¹ restricted it to lift his hands against his brother.

According to Abu Ya´far, Adam was watching them to offer their sacrifices, and saw that it was accepted Abel's sacrifice. Cain said to Adam: "the offering of Abel was only accepted because you prayed for him and not for my". Then he threatened his brother and said what we previously explained.

One night, Abel does not return his flock grazing. Adam then sent to Cain to see what had happened. When Cain was looking for him, he found him and he complained again: "your offering was accepted but mine was not" Abel replied: "only Allah accepts from those who fear Him".

Cain was angry to hear this, and hit his brother with an iron that was in his hand and then killed him. It was also said that it killed by tapping it in the head with a rock while he slept. It was also said that he strangled it to kill him and hit him as if it were a beast. But Allah knows best. The attitude of Abel against the threat of his brother is a sign of his noble character and piety. He controlled himself from having with his brother have the same treatment in which his brother addressed him, as it clarifies the following verse: "Although you lay your hand to kill me I do not extend mine to do so, I fear Allah Lord of the universe". (5: 28)

The Prophet (salallahu ´alaihi wa sallam) said: "when two Muslims confront each other with their swords both the murderer and the victim will be in the fire" colleagues asked: "O Messenger of Allaah, is with respect to the murderer but what about the murdered" Prophet Muhammad (salallahu ' alaihi wa sallam) said: "because he also tried eagerly to kill his partner"

In the verse: "I want you to load up the sin of killing me over your other sins, and seas of the inhabitants of fire". "That is the punishment of the wicked." (5: 29)

This refers to the following: I try to avoid fight with you, although I'm more stronger than you. I am determined to do so, then your carry with the sin of my death with your previous sins. This is what Suddi As Mujahid, Ibn Yarir and others said.

This does not mean in any way that the sins of the victim are automatically transferred the works of the perpetrator, as many people think.

If you can that you happen with some people in the Day of Judgment when the good deeds of the murderer may not be sufficient for the crime of murder he committed, the victim may demand that his sins are transferred to his killer. This will happen with all cases of crime and injustice (oppression) that has been committed against anyone in this world, which was confirmed in the Hadith confirmed.

It is narrated by ibn Abi Waqas (radiallahu ´anhu) Sa´ad that at the time of the riots that took place at the end of the Caliphate of Uthmaan Ibn Affan (radiallahu ´anhu) am a witness that prophet Muhammad (salallahu ´alaihi wa sallam) said: "there will be a time of fitnah (sedition, riots, etc.) very soon, who remains in place will be better than the one who is lifted." And one who rises will be better than walking. And those who walk will be better than the one running. He said: "said then that should be done if someone comes to my house to kill me, he replied as the son of Adam." (Da'eef Ahmad, Abu Dawood and Tirmidhi). The Muslim Imam narro same Hadith but by Abu Dhar (radiallahu ´anhu).

In another version of this Hadith (salallahu ´alaihi wa sallam): "I must be like the best of the two sons of Adam"

In another Hadith the narro Imam Ahmad Ibn Mas´ud (radiallahu ´anhu) that the Prophet (salallahu ´alaihi wa sallam) said: "no soul is killed without the first son of Adam take part of that sin; because he was the first to start this tradition of murder.” Bukhari, Muslim and Ahmad.

Mujahid said that the chastity of Cain was broken after the day in which killer to his brother. His legs were against her thighs. His face turned toward the Sun wherever he was, as punishment for his sin and transgression against his brother of the same father and mother.

The Prophet (salallahu ´alaihi wa sallam) said: "no one is more deserving of the punishment of Allah in this world for those who had committed, together with which it is reserved for the afterlife, as the sin of revolt and cut the ties of kinship (Tirmidhi, 2511)"

Ibn Kathir said: "according to what I read in the book, which is in the hands of the people of the book, and they say that the Torah, Almighty Allah postponed his punishment and you request an extension." He lived in a land called Nawad in East of Aden, which is now called Qinin. He had a son whose son was Enoch (Idris). Enoch had a son named Irad (wall), and Irad had a son named Mihuyailn, who had a son named Matusalem and who was the father of Lamech, the second case I with with women who were Adah and Zillah. Adah gave birth to a child named Jabal, who was the first to live in a tent (tent) and to acquire or achieve abundance in wealth and won. She also had another son named Jubal, who played the harp and flute.

Zillah gave birth to a son, Tubal-cain, who was the first to create all kinds of bronze and iron tools: and also gave birth to a baby girl called Nama.

It has been said also that Adam had a third child, named his wife as Seth. She said that he was in reward for Abel, who was killed by Cain. Seth had a son named Enos.

It was said: when Seth was born, Adam was 130 years old. He lived eight hundred years more.

When Enos was born, Seth had 165 years. The lived 807 years more. He had other sons and daughters.

Enos, at the age of 90, had a son named Kenan. Then he lived 815 years more, and had other son and daughters.

When Kenan was 70 years old, he had a son called Mahalalel. He lived 840 more, and had other sons and daughters. At 65, Mahalalel had his son Pared, and then lived for 800 years, and had another son.

When Pared reached 162 years old, he had Enoch. Lived 800 years more, and had another son.

Enoch at age 65 had Matusalem. Lived for 800 years, and had another son. When Matusalem reached 187 years had his son Lamech. He lived 782 years more, and had another son.

Lamech, 182 years had a son named Noah, and then lived for 595 years, and had another son. After that Noah was 500 years, had their sons: Shem (Sem), Ham and Iafiz. This is clearly mentioned in his book (of the Bible Genesis)

Regarding this story in relation to what it was revealed (by Allah), and this can be considered completely questionable, as many scholars have highlighted. It is obvious that this (history) has been introduced (in his book).

The Imam Abu Ya´far bin Yarir mentions in his history book: Eva gave birth to 40 children in 20 pregnancies. In another version is suggested she had 120 pregnancies, and in every birth had a boy and a girl. The most elderly person was Cain and his sister Qalima, and the youngest among them was his sister Ummul Mugiz Abdul Mugizy.

Then the human race multiplied and dispersed through the Earth, they grew in number and were parents and more parents on Earth. Allah says:

“Oh, human! Fear your Lord who has created you from a single being, he created his wife and lowered many men and women both. Fear Allah, in whose name you ask each other your rights, and respect the ties of kinship. Indeed Allah is watching you.” (Women 4: 1)

Stories have said that Adam (´alaihi sallam) saw 4000 children and grandchildren before dying. Allaah knows best.

Allaah says: he is who created you from a single be [Adam], and which gave rise to his wife [Eva] that you find it quiet. And when he joined it, this became pregnant and carried in her womb a light load that could walk; but when this became heavy, both invoked Allah [saying]: Oh, our Lord! We will be grateful if you grace us with a healthy and virtuous son.

And they are graced with what they asked, but [his descendants] ascribed partners to Allah; but Allah is above what they associated with. (The dividing wall 7: 189-190)

Ibn Hibban has narrated from Abu Dhar (radiallahu ´anhu) in his book Saheeh as follows:

"Oh Messenger of Allah!" The prophets were there? He replied: "one hundred twenty-four thousand." I said: "O Messenger of Allaah!" "Were how many of them messengers?" He said: "three hundred thirteen: large enough the number" I said: "o Messenger of Allaah!" "Was who the first of them?" He replied: "Adam." I said: "o Messenger of Allaah!" "Was he a prophet or a Messenger?" He said: "Yes, Allah created him with His hands, and then he gave him the soul that He created for him, then gave him a perfect form."

"When the Prophet (salallahu ´alaihi wa sallam) found Adam in the first heaven, he said: 'Welcome to the pious son and pious Prophet.'" The Prophet (salallahu ´alaihi wa sallam) then said: "on his right had a large crowd, and on his left, there was a large crowd." When he look on his right side, he smiled; and when he look on his left, he cried. I (Prophet salallahu ´alaihi wa sallam.) said: ' Oh Gabriel! Who is him? ´ He replied ' he is Adam, and them the souls of his children. When he looked to his right, toward those who were the people of Paradise, he smiled; but when he looked to his left, toward those who were the people of hell, he cried. [Bukhari 349, 3342 and Muslim 163]

Some scholars believe that you taking into account the part of the Hadith says: "then I went through as Yusuf, and was given half of beauty." [Muslim]

Means: A. Yusuf (Joseph) was given half of the beauty that Adam had, and reportedly is the most reasonable opinion; because Allah created Adam and perfected him with His noble hand, and then he gave the soul that He created for him. He must have created him with the best shape and beauty.

It is narrated that when Allah created Paradise and the angels said: "Our Lord!" "Let us have it, since you created for humanity the world, where they eat and drink." Allah said to them: "by my glory and splendor, will not be the offspring of that I created with my own hand, be like the one to whom I said: ' Be, and so came to life."

Author: Ibn Kazir

Text: Stories of the Prophets



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