Allah's Endowment upon Prophet Muhammad

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Allah's Endowment upon Prophet Muhammad

95) Ibn Abbas  narrated that the Prophet said: I asked Allah something I wish I had not. I said: o Lord there were some Prophets before me. You made the wind yield to one of them and one could make the dead alive (by Your bounty). The Prophet said: Allah said to me: Did I not find you an orphan (0 Muhammad) and give you refuge. Did I not find you unaware (of the Qur' an) and guide you. Did I not find you poor and make you rich? Did I not take off you, your burden? The Prophet said: Yes, My Lord.

(This Haditli is good and reported by At-Tabarani in his Al-Mu'jam Al-Kabeer).


It is enough that Prophet Muhanunad  is the most honourable Prophet. Though, he was given a lot of qualities no other Prophet ever had had, e.g. intercession on Doomsday. His Ummah is also the best and the first to enter Paradise.

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