Burden of Proof on the Critic

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Burden of Proof on the Critic


If the book is not a revelation, then it is a deception; and if

it is a deception, one must ask, "What is its origin? And where does it deceive us?" Indeed, the true answers to these questions shed light on the Quran's authenticity and

silence the bitter unsubstantiated claims of the unbelievers.


Certainly, if people are going to insist that the Quran is a

deception, then they must bring forth evidence to support

such a claim. The burden of proof is on them, not us! One

is never supposed to advance a theory without sufficient

corroborating facts; so I say to them, "Show me one deception! Show me where the Quran deceives me! Show

me; otherwise don't say that it is a deception!"


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