Devil's promptings

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Devil's promptings

18) Narrated Anas bin Malik : Allah's Messenger said: Allah said: Your followers will still remain saying: What is that? What is that? until they say: It is Allah who has created the creation then who created Allah ?

(This Haditb is sound and reported by Muslim).


The devil plays a role in making people disbelievers by such questions about Allah  . Before we deal with such questions of the devil which nobody can answer, let us ask ourselves a question: Do we know every thing about the creatures so that we ask about the Creator. The creature can never know how to answer a question of this type about Allah . Allah created us but Allah's existence is evident for all of us; His existence was all by Himself. The "How" of this matter is beyond the perception of the human mind so it is a pointless question to ask, but the devil aims at making people go astray. If you have any such whisperings of the devil, you can ask Allah  to protect you and say: "I believe in Allah and His Messenger."

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