Eternity and Immortality of the Incarnated Gods

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Forth: Eternity and Immortality of the Incarnated Gods


John described Jesus in his Revelation, as the first and the last, and the Alpha and Omega. This description corresponds exactly with the description of the idolatrous and their incarnated gods, of which they believe in their eternity and immortality.


In the Indian book “Geeta”, Krishna said, “It never happened that I was nonexistent, I made everything, and I am the everlasting and the eternal, the creator who existed before everything. I am the strong ruler, who has power over the universe; I am the first, the middle, and the last of everything’.   


From Argon’s prayers to Krishna, “you are the everlasting, the great, whom we must know, who controls the beings; you are the god who existed before gods”.


The book “Fishno Borani” describes him: “he has no start, no    middle, and no end”.


Mentioned in the Indian scriptures about Buddha: “he is Alpha and Omega, there is no start or end to his existence, and he is the god, the owner, the powerful and the everlasting”. The same was said about Lawken, Lawtz, Armizd, Zios, and many others, who were called the “Alpha and Omega”. [1]

[1]- Paganism in Christianity, Mohammad Taher Attenneer, pp 120-121

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