Exhortation to Correct the Behavior

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Exhortation to Correct the Behavior


Sheikh Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Ismail Ibn Ibrahim Al-Bujari, said (after answering a question about bad behavior)


I take this opportunity, and that is something sad misfortune and commonplace among some students, some brothers - that Allah will guide - to give a Board full of compassion and give a touch of awareness to those who pay attention.

These brethren, that Allah will give them success and guide them to the Sunnah are of three categories:

** Some were incredulous, or had returned, and Allaah has blessed them with the Guide to Islam and the Sunnah. And this is a blessing, isn't it?

** Others of Muslim origin, but in the diversion and indifference, and more than laxitas of face to Allah against the rights of Allaah. Allaah has guided them to the Sunnah and the right path.



** Finally, are those who have grown up and have been educated among the people of the Sunnah, in the way of the Sunnah, adopting their behaviors and learning their science

The first and the second category, there is no doubt that his guide to the Sunna is a grace and a huge blessing of Allah blessing that is priceless

However, what is very sad and depressing, is that these brothers have maintained these behaviors of unbelief and wickedness in them, such as suspicion, lies, treachery, falsehood, slander, deception and many other bad behaviors that saved them after you have taken the path of the Sunnah, without making nothing to correct them.

These bad behaviors lead to deep and many evils, and are sometimes the cause of the remoteness of the people of the Sunnah way.


The Prophet (peace be upon him) said to one of his colleagues:

"There are traces of the Jahiliyya in you" (1)

And also when colleagues were about to discuss their respective clans by calling "Oh Ansar!" "Oh you, Muhaajirun!" "

He said:

"Do is by the call of the jahiliyya to I call when I am among you?" Let him because this is disgusting!


All this is forbidden for someone who clings to the Sunnah, it is compulsory to learn and adopt the behaviors of the Sunna.

And by Allah, this is something that I feel and live. In addition, many fights and grudges among students of the same route, the Sunnah, the pious predecessors (to the Salafiya), fall and return to this recurring bad.

Allah knows their hidden thoughts


And although they try to hide them, this will necessarily be through their actions and words.


Therefore, should the individual is correct as well as the route on which he walks, and you repent and make its examination of conscience.


He will remain with such behaviors?

When the Prophet (peace be upon him) arrived with Islam, the people were ignorant and their customs odious as polytheism, witchcraft, adultery, usury, gambling, and many other diversions.

However, good behavior, they also had the courage, hospitality, generosity, aid to the needy.

During his coming, Islam adopted the good behaviors and forbade the bad guys, he fought against and eliminated.

In summary, my brother and I are not of those who they judge the intentions, and I do not know what is in the hearts of the people.


Your know better than anyone what is in you!

Ask you questions!

Ask your soul!

Omar (Radiallahu Anhu) not had said?:

"Judge their souls until they are judged." "

Weighing your works before that they are heavy!


The smart is one who thinks for himself and work for the other world, and the incapacitated is one that follows their passions and is based on misleading hopes.

Oh, my brother thinks for your soul, abandons the bad behaviors!

Why are them going to replace?

By the Sunnah free from defects.


And is that scholars have demonstrated and explained these good behaviors in his books, imam Al Bukhari consecrated chapters in his Saheeh (to adab, to the riqaq) behavior, even wrote a book of Hadith specially dedicated to the good behavior (to the Adab to the moufrad), who read the behavior of the Prophet (Sallallahu allayhi wasallam) .

Abu Sheikh also wrote a book about the behavior of the Prophet (Sallallahu allayhi wasallam) .

So that my brother, lee learns, because nobody was born knowing.

Are you going to continue until death? When are you going to amend? When will you ask forgiveness from Allah and repent?

It seems that this issue (which has had as a consequence the exhortation of the Sheikh) is caused by this behavior problem.

As mentioned in the question, the fact of declaring unbeliever, slander, and give nicknames to a person even after their sincere repentance, why?

Those who repent with a sincere repentance to the Alhamdulilah, their sins are forgiven.

Do you want people?

Do you not want people to repent?

Allah feel joy when his servants shall repent.

Do you, you're not happy?


In conclusion, all good found in the Sunnah and evil is in fact contradictory.

And pays attention not to associate your bad manners, and your bad behaviour to the Sunnah, whether acts or words.

Your'd then be an enemy of the Messenger of Allaah (Sallallahu allayhi wasallam) and mentirías on him.

And this, even if it wasn't voluntary.

And the hadeeth:

"That is pronounced in my name, when he knows it is a lie is one of the liars"

It refers not only to the words, was conferred upon the Sunnah an act being outside is also a liar on the Messenger of Allaah (Sallallahu allayhi wasallam) .

Please care that Allah keep you - no doubt you've advised, and Allah delivers on its promises.

And that the praise of Allah and peace be with the Messenger of Allaah (Sallallahu allayhi wasallam), his family and his companions.

(1)To the Jahiliya: Sheykh Salah the Fawzan said: "is the period before the arrival of Islam, and is also everything that contradicts what the Messenger of Allah (Sallallahu allayhi wasallam) brought" .






Translated by Dawood Abu Sulayman, Medina 1433. Spread after obtaining the permission of the Sheikh.

Sheikh Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Ismail Ibn Ibrahim Al - Bukhaari


Translated from French into Spanish by Um Amina to www.islamentrehermanas.com


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