Hadith Qudsi 59

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59) Narrated Abu Huraira  : Allah's Messenger  said: A man never did good deeds. Rather, he used to lend money to people and advise his servants: Take from the solvent and leave the insolvent and forgive him. Perhaps Allah may forgive us. When he died, Allah asked him: Did you ever do anything good? He replied: No, but I had a servant and I used to lend people money. Whenever I sent him out to recover the loans, I advised him: Accept from the solvent and leave the one who is unable to repay. May Allah forgive us, then Allah the Exalted remarked: I have forgiven you.

(This Haditb is good and reported by Nasa'i).


This wealthy man usedto overlook his loansto thepoorfor thesake of Allah therefore, hisreward wasforgiveness in theHereafter.

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