Hadith Qudsi 69

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69) Narrated 'Adi bin Hatim : I was (sitting) with

Allah's Messenger There came to him two men. One of them was complaining of poverty while the other was complaining against brigandage. Allah's Messenger said: As for brigandage, it will be a short time before a caravan sets out from Makkah (on ajoumey) without security guards. As regards poverty, the Hour will not be established until anyone of you goes around with his charity but fails to find any due recipients of it. Then one of you will stand before Allah. There will be no screen between Allah and him, nor will be there an interpreter to translate for him. Allah will ask him: Did I not grant you wealth? He will say: Yes. Then he will look at his right side and will see nothing except Fire. Then he will look to his left side and will see nothing but Fire. The Prophet added: So let each of you protect himself against Hell even if with half a date, or, if not available, with a kind word.


(This Haditn is sound and reported by Bukhari).


The precept of this Hadith is that soon there will be so good peace and law and order to the extent that a caravan from Makkah on a journey to San'a (Yemen) will not need escorts against robbers. Further, the people will prosper economically to the extent that nobody will accept charity. This Hadith also implies that on the Day of Resurrection where there will be nothing to intervene between Allah and His slave, a believer will be asked about his beliefs, deeds and wealth. So a believer should act in pursuance of Islam and protect himself against Fire by either half a date or a kind word to please people.

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