II.Intuitive Proof

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Intuitive Proof
As indicated previously, the intuitive sense of man's pure nature is too obvious to require proof, because man believes in his Lord instinctively. Subsequently, when anything happens suddenly to anyone in the world and that thing poses a threat to him, his tongue will automatically say, without the person even noticing, "Oh Lord!" or something to that effect. This shows that man's pure instincts were designed to believe in the Existence of Allah (Mighty & Majestic).[1]
     The Holy Quran draws our attention to this natural acceptance when the Most High says in the form of a rhetorical question, {Is not He (better than your gods)Who responds to one in distress, when He calls on Him, and removes the evil…}[]Al-Naml 27:62]
     As such, the human being, with his creation in this form, with such an natural tendency towards faith in God and His Oneness, is most certainly a testimony and proof of His Existence, Wisdom and Absolute Power.
     All the pious predecessors of this nation agree that in the nature of every being there is that which allows him to know his Creator, that which attracts him to God and binds him to Him, making him feel ever in need of Him for his existence and self-preservation.[2]
[1]The Jurisprudence of Worship(Fiqh ul-`Ibadaat), by Ibn Uthaymeen
[2]The Issue of Divinity and Religion(Qadiyyat al-Uluhiyyah wal-Din), by Dr. Muhammad al-Sayyid al-Julaynid
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