Intimidation against committing suicide

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Intimidation against committing suicide

48) Narrated Jundub bin 'Abdullah Messenger  said: Among the nations before you was a man who got a wound and was impatient. He took a knife and cut his hand. Blood did not cease to flow until he died. Allah the Exalted said: My slave hurried to bring death upon himself. So I will not allow him to enter Paradise.

(This Hadith is sound and reported by Bukhari and Muslim).



Suicide is prohibited in Islam. You may say 'I am free to kill myself. No, you do not have this right as you are a slave of Allah. Your n~ath is not to be caused by yourself. Nor should you kill somebody else. Both suicide and homicide are unacceptable in Islam. Any murderer is a big sinner who should also be killed, as a penalty in this world and Hell is what he deserves in the Hereafter. Even he who commits suicide will be punished by Hell.

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