Is it permissible to ascribe body organs to Allah The Almighty such as hands and eyes?

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Q: Is it permissible to ascribe body organs to Allah The Almighty such as hands and eyes?

A: It is impermissible to ascribe anything of that sort to Allah save that which He mentioned in His Noble Book [Qur'an] and what His Messenger told of Him. This is in conformity with the words of Allah:


The hand of Allah is over their hands [Al-Fath : 10].

Allah said, "O Iblees, what prevented you from prostrating to that which I created with My hands? [Saad: 75].

And be patient, [O Muhammad], for the decision of your Lord, for indeed, you are in Our eyes [At-Tur 52: 48]. 


Q: What does the Hand here mean?

A:  Hand is mentioned in this context in a manner that suits the Majesty of Allah The Almighty. What Allah attributes to Himself differs from that of His creation. Whoever thinks that His Hand or Eye resembles any of the created beings is surely mistaken for he likened Allah The Almighty (the Creator) to the created beings while there is nothing whatever like unto Him.


Q: How can we affirm something then they say: Kayf (how) is incomprehensible?

A: There is no wonder at all in this regard. We all know that humans have some attributes such as knowledge, power and will while we do not comprehend how this works. We possess the senses hearing and seeing while we do not know how this occurs; we have the ability to speak but we do not know how this speech comes out of us. This means that we may know something, but there are many things still inconceivable to us. Really, there are countless examples of that. So, if this happens regarding what attributed to us, then how about what attributed to Allah The Almighty! 


Q: What are the angels?

A: Theangels are ethereal beings. They are created from light. They do not eat or drink. They are but honored servants. They disobey not, from executing the commands they receive from Allah, but do that which they are commanded. 


Q: Can humans see angels?

A: Unlike the Prophets, humans cannot see the angels in their real shape just like they cannot see the air though it fills the universe around them. However, if the angles take the form of concrete being such as the shape of humans, only in this time humans may see them. Seeing the angels in their real form is a special privilege for Prophets in order to receive the revealed rulings of religions. There is no wonder if there are some creatures which are invisible to us just like when some people may see some things which are invisible to others. Verily, in the variation of sights regarding the strength and weakness is a lesson for those who have intellect.


Q: How to believe in the Books of Allah The Almighty?

A: It is to believe that Allah The Almighty has sent down some Books upon His Prophets. He The Exalted explained in them His enjoinments, prohibitions, promises and punishments. They are the Speech of Allah The Almighty. He spoke to them in a real sense without asking how. Amongst such Books are At-Tawraah (Torah), Al-Injeel (Gospel), Az-Zaboor (Psalms), and Al-Qur'an.


Q: How should we believe in Torah?

A: It is to believe that Torah is one of the Books of Allah revealed to his Prophet Musa (Moses) (peace be upon him) in order to explain the religious rulings and the sound belief that can please people, bring good tiding of a messenger to be sent from the Children of Ismaa‘eel (Ishmael); our Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). A Prophet who will come with a new religion to guide people to the abode of peace [Dar as-Salam].


Q: How do the prominent scholars see the Torah that exists nowadays in the hands of the people of scripture [Ahl al-Kitab]?

A: Prominent scholars are of the opinion that Torah that exists nowadays underwent distortion. What can substantiate this is the fact that it has no mention of the Paradise, Hellfire, the conditions of Resurrection, Gathering and punishment although they (such issues) are the most important matters that should be mentioned in the Divine Books. Furthermore, what can prove its distortion is mentioning the death of Musa (peace be upon him) in the last chapter while he is the one to whom it (Torah) was revealed. 


Q: How should we believe in the Psalms?

A:It is to believe that Psalms is one of the Books of Allah revealed to His Prophet Dawud (David) (peace be upon him). It is made up of supplications, Azkar (remembrance of Allah), exhortations, and wisdoms. It does not include any religious rulings. That is because Dawud (peace be upon him) was ordered to follow the belief of Al-Moosawiyyah. 





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