Others Who Shared Jesus' Power of Performing Miracles

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Others Who Shared Jesus' Power of Performing Miracles


Scholars have noticed - after reading the Bible - that messengers and others had shared Jesus' (PBUH) power in performing his miracles, and Christians do not consider these people divine. That indicates that these miracles are proof and evidence that they are prophets, otherwise, Christians have to attribute divinity to all those who performed the same miracles as Jesus (PBUH), which Allah (S.W) made possible for Jesus (PBUH).

A. The Virgin Birth


Jesus’ (PBUH) birth, without a father, was one of his greatest miracles. Those who believe in his divinity use it as their evidence. Yaseen Mansour said, “If Jesus was not born of a virgin, he would be just a man”.[1]


It is a fact that Jesus (PBUH) was just a man; the proof is that some creatures shared with him this great miracle. The origin of all creatures, including humans, was without father or mother. The creation of Adam (PBUH), who was a complete and perfect creature, is bigger and greater than the creation of Jesus (PBUH), who was a fetus in his mother’s womb, born, and then grew up. 


No doubt, that being born without a father is a miracle, but it does not conclude or indicate one’s divinity. If so, it must have concluded the divinity of many animals and the divinity of Adam and Eve, for Adam was born without a father or mother, and Eve came from Adam without a mother.


Regarding that, Allah (S.W) tells us in the Holy Quran, saying, The similitude of Jesus before God is as that of Adam; He created him from dust, then said to him: "Be". And he was.”(Holy Quran 3:59).


In spite of the likeness between Jesus and Adam (PBUT) in their birth, Adam ranks higher than Jesus does in many ways. Adam (PBUH) did not come from a woman’s womb covered with blood; God commanded the angels to kneel to him, God taught him all the names, and heaven was his home. In addition, Allah (S.W) spoke to him by Himself without a messenger, and many other things, which neither Jesus (PBUH) nor the others had. Thus, since Adam has all these characteristics, why do Christians not consider him divine?


The same goes for angels, for Allah (S.W) created them without father or mother. They are not made of mud, but Christians do not consider them Gods. Therefore, the virgin birth cannot be evidence of divinity, even though it is a unique event in man’s history.



[1]- Christianity without Christ, Kamel Sasfan, pp 62. The True Christianity that Jesus taught, Alaa Abu Bakar, pp 186

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