Prerequisites of the two testimonies

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Prerequisites of the two testimonies
The Prerequisite of 'La ilaha illAllah' is to abandon the worship of all other deities other than Allah, as we say in our testimony, 'La ilaha,' and worshiping Allah alone as we say in our testimony, 'illAllah.' However, many of those who say the testimony contradict its prerequisites, and affirm the Uluhiyah of the creation; the graves, tombs, trees and stones, which is negated by Allah. These people believe that Tawheed is a bidah and reject those who call them to it and criticize those who sincerely worship Allah.
The prerequisite of 'Muhammadar-Rasoolullah' is to follow him, believe in him, refrain from that which he has forbidden, restrict one's actions to his Sunnah and leave that which contradicts it from the newly invented matters, and give precedence to his sayings over everybody else's sayings.
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