Sincere Repentance

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This is the path then… sincere repentance that would purify the heart and give it salvation. A repentance that would not deceive the heart or betray it.


The repentance from sin and bad deeds starts with feeling remorse for what was done, and it ends with good deeds and obedience. When this becomes fulfilled, it would cleanse the heart from all the remains of sins. It would encourage the heart to do good deeds afterwards, this is the sincere repentance. The repentance that reminds the heart and directs it so that it will never go back to sins.


If these conditions are accomplished in repentance, it is expected to be accepted by Allah and He would remove the sins because of it. He would admit those who repented into Paradise in a day when the disbelievers would be met with disgrace as explained in the previous scene visualized in the verses. Allah will not disgrace or let down the Prophet, Peace Be upon Him, and those who believed with him.


It is such a big temptation and great honor, when Allah subjoins the believers with the Prophet, Peace be upon Him. He will make them one row that will be honored on the day when others would be disgraced and disrespected for their sins. Then, Allah will make “their light proceeding before them and on their right” A light that they will be recognized by on that mighty frightening stressful horrific day. A light with which they will be guided in the awesome crowdedness. It will be a light proceeding before them and on their right towards Paradise which is the destination of their road.



Under the stress and difficulty of this situation, they will be inspired to utter good supplication between the Hands of Allah: "They will say, "Our Lord, perfect for us our light and forgive us. Indeed, You are over all things competent." To be inspired with this supplication in that situation that would make the tongues tied and hearts drop is a sign of acceptance and answer of their wish. Allah would not inspire believers with this supplication unless He decrees that it would be accepted. Supplication here is a blessing from Allah that He has given them in addition to the blessing of honor and light.


So, how this can be compared to the fire which would be fueled by people and stones?!


This is the reward, and this is the punishment, both of them picture the consequences of the believer’s good deeds to protect himself and his family from the fire and lead them to the bliss in gardens beneath which rivers flow.

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