Some Scenes of Resurrection

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Some Scenes of Resurrection

38) Narrated Abu Sa'id Al-Khudri that the Prophet  said: Allah JWJ ~N will call: 0 Adam! He will say: I respond to Your Call; I am obedient of Your Orders; and goodness rests in Your Hand. Allah will say: Bring forth the group for Hell. Adam will ask: Who are the people doomed to Hell? Allah will say: They are nine hundred and ninety-nine out of every one thousand. The Prophet said: At this juncture every child would tum grey-haired and every pregnant would miscarry due to the dread of the moment and you would see people' as drunk while they would not acwaYy be. 'ihe torment of Allah would be grievous enough-to make,thems~.,Then the Companions asked: 0 AUah"s. Messenger  Who would be that single person among us?He said: Be happy! When one is selected (for Paradise) from among you, one thousand from Gog and Magog would be sent to Hell. Then he said: By Him in Whose Hand is my soul! I hope you will constitute one-fourth of the inhabitants of Paradise. We exclaimed ~14.U1 ( All-Greatj.He said: I anticipate you would be one-third of the people of Paradise. Again we shouted . He said: I expect you would be half of the people of Paradise. Again we exclaimed . He further said: Despite, You would be just like a black hair in the skin of a white ox or like a white hair in the skin of a black one (i.e. your number compared with the non-Muslims will be very small but in Paradise you will be the majority).

(This Haditli is sound and reported by Bukhari and Muslim).


The Ummah (nation) of Prophet Muhammad . is the best of all nations. Though they are the last they will be the first to enter Paradise by virtue of the Grace of Allah .which will bestowed on him as the Most Honoured Prophet, and his nation.

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