Telling the Unseen

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Telling the Unseen


Jesus (PBUH) predicted many invisible and unseen matters, and it came as he said. He told the two disciples whom he sent to slaughter the sacrifice at Easter, of what would happen. (Mark 14/12-16)


In addition, Peter said to Jesus (PBUH), "Lord, you know everything.”(John 21/17). Jesus also knew that no one had ridden the foal, which was tied in ‘Bet Fajy’ village. This according to priest Ibrahim Saed is solid proof. He said, “It is new evidence of Jesus knowing the unseen in details, with no doubt or interpretation, and that also is evidence of the humble glory that Jesus had”.[1]


Jesus (PBUH) was not the only one who predicted the unseen. Jacob (PBUH) predicted the unseen before Jesus (PBUH), as he said to his children,“Gather yourselves together, that I may tell you what shall happen to you in days to come.”(Gen. 49/1-27)


The same happened with Samuel and Elijah (Samuel (1) 10/2-9), Kings (1) 21/21-24), and their prediction came true, as we read in the Second Book of Kings. (Kings (2) 10/1-17, 9/30-37) Many other similar passages are in the sacred books. (Samuel (1) 19/23-24, Kings (2) 4/8-18, 8/12-13, John 11/49-52)

[1]- Commentary on the Gospel according to Luke, pp 475

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