The Anti-Christ and the Christ that Never Existed

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The Anti-Christ and the Christ that Never Existed


Christians believe in a Christ who does not exist, and the Jews await the Anti-Christ.


In the statement of the Masih (Messiah / Christ) in this good news;


"I have no choice in the matter."


Monotheism is an indication, that the whole thing belongs to Allah. So this statement includes the two foundations of religion;


1. The establishment of Monotheism and

2. The establishment of the Post.


This statement of the Messiah is in accordance with what his brother Muhammad the son of 'Abdullah brought with him, narrating about his Lord said:


{None of your business ... (Oh Muhammad, but for Allah)} [Aal 'Imraan: 128]


Whoever reflects on these two noble messengers and your call will find that they agree, in accordance with each other in all forms. That is impossible to believe in one without believing in the other, and who refuses to Muhammad - صلى الله عليه وسلم - is an even greater denier Messiah - who the Messiah is the son of Maryam (Mary), the slave and Messenger of Allah.


Whoever believes in a Messiah that is not real, never was and who is most of falsehood, while Yuhana, who is called - Akrakis for them - declared in 'Tales of the Disciples':


"My beloved, beware of believing every spirit / soul, ought to distinguish between spirits / souls of Allah and others. Know that each spirit / soul that believes Yasu '(Jesus) the Messiah had come and had a body, then it is from Allah. And every spirit / soul who does not believe that the Messiah had come and had a body, then it is from Allah, but it is the false Messiah who is present in the world today. "


Muslims believe in the true Messiah, who came to Allah with guidance and the religion of truth, he is the servant of Allah and His messenger and His word which He bestowed on Maryam virgin.


The only Christians believe in a Messiah who called people to worship him and his mother, he is third in the Trinity, he is the son of Allah, and Allah. If ever there was this Messiah, then he is the brother of the false Messiah, and that certainly is the false Messiah who claims to be Allah, and the Christians, in fact, are followers of this Messiah.


Just as the Jews are just waiting for their appearance, they say they expect the Prophet, who were told to come, then instead of believing in him after he came, the shayatin replaced the Antichrist waiting for them in their place. Also whoever turns away from the truth, since it will take place falsehood.





Translation into English: Abu Abdul-Waahid, Nadir Ahmad


Reference: Hidaayat to Hayaaraa

Author: Islaam Ibnul Qayyim Shaykhul


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