The innate tendency The next renewal mission From an Islamic movement to the call of Islam

The innate tendency The next renewal mission From an Islamic movement to the call of Islam

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This series aims to establish two facts:

First: to prove that the nature of the civilizational scramble between the nation and its opponents has entered another stage of its history, a stage of quantitative and qualitative difference! Where the Western betting today is based on the destruction of human instinct in the nation, making them subject to the new global swallow; with regards to its religion, its morals, its cultural values, its policy, its economy, its urbanization, and its whole lifestyle in general. We believe that the nation has not gone through such destruction in this depth,  encirclement and  comprehensiveness! Yes, the nation has experienced harder trials, but in partial forms. Despite the fact that they were bitter afflictions – Allah forbid – they were striking the nation from some sides, and raise some  issues but not all of them, as happened repeatedly throughout the history, in the form of fear and hunger.

 Today, the matter is worse. If security is relatively stable in many Islamic countries - public security is a  great blessing from Allah! No one would degrade but an ignorant of Allah, then an ignorant of the current circumstances and history. However,  the new danger, from a civilized prospective, is more drastic because it targets the personal existence of the whole nation and tries to uproot it from its origin, by means that are more destructive and more changeable! Perhaps the military style is less powerful and less influential.

The second is that the contemporary Islamic work will not be able to respond to this new civilization challenge, but by renewing itself firstly, through referring to its innate tendency in terms of religion and calling to Allah. Since, the stolen innate will not be treated or restored except by an innate approach.

Therefore, the papers of this research aim to establish the innate tendency, which is the platform for calling to Allah, it is based primarily on the fundamentals of innate tendency, as they are presented in the Quran and the Prophetic Sunnah. It is an attempt to restore the  educational and social role of the revelation in the soul and in the society, the revelation whose approach has a basic goal: to bring out the model "the slave of Allah"! Which is all-encompassing aim in Islam. According to the requirements of the true sincere slavery to Allah; to believe in the oneness of the Lord of the worlds, whether the requirements are related to culture, society, politics, economy or all other areas of human civilization.

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