The Passage of the Three Witnesses

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1.The Passage of the Three Witnesses

The following is the more important of the two passages, of which I have spoken. John’s First Epistle says: “For there are three that testify: The Spirit, the water, and the blood-and these three are one.” (John (1) 5/7-8 International standard version).




This passage clearly shows that the three are only one God. However, it does not exist in all the old manuscripts of the Holy Bible, nor does it exist in the first printed book. It was added later. 



Christian scholars admit adding it. Among them, Heron, the collectors of Henry Weskit Commentary, Adam Clark, and Fender. In addition, Saint Eckstein, when he debated in the fourth century with those who were against the Trinity, did not mention this passage. Moreover, he wrote ten dissertations commenting on John’s Epistle, but he did not mention this passage.   




The Revised Standard Version and some universal translations deleted it from its English version. It still exists in most of the other translations, such as Douay-Rheims Bible, the International Standard Version, James Murdock New Testament, and the Modern King James Version.



The passage in the English Standard Version and some other translations is: “because the Spirit is the truth. For there are three that testify:the Spirit, the water and the blood; and these three agree”(John (1) 5/6-8). The Monastic Jesuit Translation mentioned, in its introduction, the reason for the deletion. It says, “This passage was never mentioned in the manuscript before the fifteenth century or in the old ones, neither in the best Latin translations.  Most likely, it was a comment written in the margin, and then was inserted into the text while in use in the west.”



Benjamin Wilson, the translator of the Greek manuscripts, said the same. He said, “This sentence, which is evidence of the divinity, is not found in any of the Greek manuscripts before the fifteenth century. None of the Greek writers nor did any of the ancient Latin popes ever mention it, even when it was necessary for the topic; therefore, frankly, it is a fabrication”.[1]



[1]- The Truth Revealed, Rahmatullah al Hindi, Vol.2 pp 497-504. Christ (PBUH) Between Facts and Imagination, Mohammad Wasfi, pp 106-107. Fifty Thousand Errors in the Holy Bible, Ahmad Deedat, pp 12 

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