The Right of the Slaves over Allah Almighty

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The Right of the Slaves over Allah Almighty

As we have stated, the natural state of affairs is that the slaves have no right over their Lord, because no one has any superiority over Him (Noble & Sublime); rather, all Grace, Favor, and Bounty are from Allah Almighty upon His creation.

     A concise summary of the right of the slaves over Allah Most High is what the Messenger (pbuh) has informed us of and indicated: that Allah (Glorious & Exalted) shall not punish those who affirm His Oneness in belief and worship, and who do not associate anything with Him (Noble & Sublime).

     Indeed, Allah (Blessed & Exalted) made His gardens of Paradise, His realm of delights, for His believing, righteous, obedient slaves who are exclusively devoted to Him (Noble & Sublime), where He will bestow eternal pleasure upon them—pleasure with no end, by the Grace of Allah (Blessed & Exalted)—where He (Noble & Sublime) will establish His Favor upon them, and never be angry with them.

      We find no better words to describe the Bounty of Allah Almighty than those which the second Rightly-Guided Caliph, Umar ibn al-Khattab, said, "Bounteous is the blessing of Allah and good."

     And true are the Words of Allah Most High when He said, {Such is the Bounty from Allah, and Allah is Sufficient as All-Knower.}[Al-Nisaa' 4: 70]


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