The Trinity is a Mystery Unacceptable by the Mind

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The Trinity is a Mystery Unacceptable by the Mind

 With this clear contradiction between the Church Councils' decisions and the Bible’s monotheistic passages, Christians had to use their minds to solve this matter. They had to solve these contradictions, which are impossible to put together, and explain to people the issue about the three who are one, and about the one who is three.


In addition, with the weakness of this dogma, and the impossibility of understanding it by the human mind, Christians have no choice but to say that the Trinity is a mystery that is impossible to comprehend. Moreover, some Christians confess that Christianity conflicts with the mind.


Saint Augustinesaid, “I believe because that is unacceptable by our mind”.

Kier Cougard said, “Each attempt to make Christianity a credible religion would result in destroying it.” In ‘The Christian Teachings’ we read, “It is not allowed to ask about God’s secrets, because we cannot comprehend the belief’s secrets.”

In his book, ‘The Catholic Teachings’, priest De Grout said, “The Holy Trinity is a puzzle in the truest sense, and our mind cannot digest a Tri-God, but this what the inspiration taught us.”


Describing the Trinity, Zaki Shnouda said, “It is one of the divine mysteries, which is impossible for our mind to comprehend.”


Father James Ted said, “Christianity is beyond the mind’s understanding”


Priest Anis Shoroush said, “One in three and three in one, are mysteries you do not have to understand, but you have to accept.”


In his book ‘Eternity Secret”, priest Tawfiq Jayed made understanding the Trinity impossible, and there is no point in trying to do so, because, as he said, “whoever tries to understand it completely, is like he who wants to put the ocean’s water in his palm.”[1]


Due to all of this misleading, the truth will disappear, which is that the Trinity is an impossible creed to understand; not because of the weakness of our mind, but because it conflicts with common sense and human nature.





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