The universe did not come about by chance

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The universe did not come about by chance

Everything that exists in this world, even the world itself, is governed by a huge number of particular laws that the human mind admits that they never haphazardly exist.

These laws that regulate everything that exists can be manifested in the following:

-         The position of the earth before the sun. The earth is located at a certain distant to keep the different species [plants and animals] alive without being either burning or frozen. Therefore, do you think that this appropriate location of both the sun and earth was decided haphazardly?

-         The tides caused by the gravitational pull of the moon. The moon is located at a distant that prevents destructive tides that may leave nothing exists upon earth. So, the question is: Who has placed the moon at this limited distance and made it a source of light not otherwise?

-         Photosynthesis. All humans and animals consume oxygen, which is the source of life, and release carbon dioxide which is the out come of food burning inside their bodies. Despite the fact that all animates cannot do without the vital element of oxygen, plants, on the contrary, consume "carbon dioxide" and release "oxygen". This process is known as Photosynthesis which keeps a natural balance in the atmosphere. Do you think that this harmony among the elements of nature spontaneously occurs?

-         The colors of roses. We sometimes contemplate over the variation of the colors of roses. We find various colors gathered in one rose that construe a perfect harmony. We may ask ourselves who gave these roses its colors and put them together in such inimitable way.  




Through what is mentioned above, we realize that claiming that things in this world have come to existence by chance would be a typical "foolishness".

Verily, creating the smallest cell of the human body necessitates a perfectly meticulous system. It is a mere foolishness to give the concept of "chance" the ability to create a small cell in the body of a worm, let alone its digestive or nervous system.

So, what about the perfect creation of man as well as everything that exists in this wide universe?

When seeing a garment, it will be impossible to imagine that threads have combined together spontaneously to sew that piece of clothes in such perfect way. Of course, there must have been a person who designed its style, buttons and ornaments.

To conclude:

Referring the creation of this world and things that exists in it to "chance" is a sort of scientific hypocrisy which cannot logically accepted.  True since is innocent from these polytheistic claims and rejects any unauthentic judgments.            


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