These are just some examples of the Prophetic wise, wonderful, and golden sayings.

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These are just some examples of the Prophetic wise, wonderful, and golden sayings.


Practicing what he said and taught, Prophet Muhammad’s dealings and actions with others reflected his special and unique personality in his morals, mercy, honesty, sincerity, kindness, truthfulness, humbleness, generosity, forgiveness, patience, and tolerance, as well as many other great qualities. The stories, examples and proofs of these magnificent personal attributes of the final Prophet are too numerous to mention in detail here. Let us take just one example.


•After his Makkan opponents rejected him and disbelieved in his message, Islam...

• After persecuting and maltreating him, and trying to kill him many times...

• After torturing and killing many of his followers and loved ones...

• After fighting him and his companions and driving them out of their homes, properties, and land…


What was the reaction of Muhammad towards his Makkan enemies when he entered Makkah and liberated it from idolatry and paganism?


In the wake of the Muhammad’s and the Muslims’ great victory and in the climax of their joy, rapture and happiness at coming back home to the Sacred City of Makkah – Prophet Muhammad gathered together the Makkans, who were afraid that he would harm or kill them in revenge for their past abuse and killing of Muslims.


Muhammad asked them, “What do you think I am going to do with you?”  They answered, “You are a generous brother and the son of an honorable brother of ours.” Then, the kind, tolerant, generous and merciful Prophet forgave them, announcing: “No harm will come to you. You may go. You are free.”


• Have you ever seen such a scene?

• Have you ever heard such a story?

• Can you sense the Prophet's mercy?


Describing this unprecedented historical event, Professor John Esposito stated: “Eschewing vengeance and the plunder of conquest, the Prophet instead accepted a settlement, granting amnesty rather than wielding the sword toward his former enemies. For their part, the Meccans converted to Islam, accepted Muhammad’s leadership, and were incorporated within the umma (Muslim community).”


In contrast, are you aware of what atrocities various ‘super-power’ nations committed when they have unjustly attacked, invaded, and tortured others, throughout human history?


Actually, the more we discover about Muhammad’s life, the more we come to realize his excellent conduct and character, and that he is, indeed, sent as a mercy to all peoples” (the Glorious Qur’an, 21:107).


Prophet Muhammad said, “I have been sent to perfect the noble traits of character.”


Confirming this fact, the Glorious Qur’an reported, “Indeed, you are of a great moral character.”  (68:4)

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