To Answer the Divisive Issue: Does the Universe Have a Creator?

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To Answer the Divisive Issue:
Does the Universe Have a Creator?
The Existence of God the Creator is self-evident to all rational minds. That is why no one ever denied the Existence of a Supreme Creator except small groups of people. Divine Scriptures were based on the peoples' acceptance of the Existence of their Lord Most High—that He was the One Who created them, provided for them, gave them life and made them to die—then, He increased them in knowledge of Him and called them to worship Him Alone, without partner, for they knew that no one else made them or provided for them, no one else gave them life or took them in death. They knew that no one else could be described by any of the Attributes of God the Creator.[1]
The question might be rephrased in the following manner:
     We say: Is it the Creator Who is Eternal—the Alpha, before Whom nothing existed—and the Omega—after Whom nothing exists—or is it matter?
     A law was discovered called "The Law of Available Energy" or "The Law of Entropy," which confirms that matter is not eternal and therefore the existence of this universe could not possibly be eternal.
The Law of Available Energy, or the Law of Entropy
The Law of Available Energy states that: heat always flows from regions of higher temperature to regions of lower temperature, never the opposite.
     It is not possible for heat to flow from regions of lower temperature to regions of higher temperature; heat always flows from regions of higher temperature to regions of lower temperature.
     Based on this important scientific discovery:
     There must come a time when the heat of all elements balances out. At that time, no useful energy is available for life and work. As a result: chemical and natural processes stop and life comes to an end spontaneously.
     With that, we have firmly established that the universe is not eternal.
     In this manner, scientific research has inadvertently confirmed that the universe has a beginning, and therefore, it has also automatically confirmed the Existence of God, the Creator of this universe, for everything that has a beginning cannot come into being on its own; it must have a Prime Mover—God the Creator.
     We should also point out that there is no contradiction between a thing being created by Allah (Glorious & Exalted) and its creation having a natural explanation.
It was said to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), "Oh Messenger of Allah, what is your opinion of medicines we take to treat illnesses, healing prayers we say to seek relief, and protection prayers we say to ward off evil? Do they prevent what Allah has preordained for us at all?"
     He (pbuh) replied, "They are the preordainment of Allah." [Reported by al-Tirmidhi]
     From our observations of the creations of Allah (Blessed & Exalted), we find that it is from His Way (Glorious & Sublime) that He creates things for a reason, and that the reasons for some things do not change at all.
     Allah (Glorious & Sublime) is the One Who creates the reasons and gives them a cause, and they have no effect except through His Power (Glorious & Exalted).
     To conclude this chapter, we will present the summary of a debate that took place between Muslims and communists who deny the Existence of God the Creator, which took place following the Russian Revolution led by Lenin. There was a gathering of Muslims, Christians, and communists, materialists or otherwise. More than ten thousand people were there.
[1]Physics and the Existence of the Creator(Al-Fisiyaa' wa Wujood al-Khaaliq), by Dr, Ja`far Shaikh Idris
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