Where Is Guidance?

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Where Is Guidance?
Every person who has a wise mind that is full of intelligence will necessarily search for guidance. He will search for the way to please his God and Creator. You will see him trying to look into Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, because they are the Divine Messages. But soon he will be led to the religion of Islam which is the religion of Allah (Blessed & Exalted). It is the religion of truth which agrees with the human nature Allah (Mighty & Majestic) created him with. It is the religion of truth that is acceptable to the straightforward, honest, superior, and intelligent mind which Allah (Blessed & Exalted) granted him.
     Without a doubt, the God Who sent Muhammad (pbuh) with Islam is God the Creator of this pure human nature. He is the God Who granted him this straightforward and honest logic. Both concur with the message Islam has come with: simple, sound, clear belief, without feeble logic or murky concepts. It contains nothing difficult to comprehend or troublesome for the mind or imagination. Both human nature and sound reason agree with everything Islam has brought: the estimable rules, the noble directives, and the wise and prudent standards of behavior that are based on goodness and virtue.
     We will now prove that there is no guidance except in Islam, by explaining one aspect of the evidence supporting the prophethood of the Messenger of Islam, Muhammad (pbuh): the testimony of previous Divine Scriptures concerning the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), noting that the testimony and evidence for his (pbuh) Message are numerous.[1]
     Before we point to these prophecies foretelling the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in previous scriptures (the Torah, the Gospels, and others) we would like to explain this important heading:
     It is not at all possible for a Jew to believe in the prophethood of Moses (pbuh) if he does not believe in the prophethood of Muhammad (pbuh), nor is it at all possible for a Christian to believe in the prophethood of the Messiah (pbuh), except after acknowledging the prophethood of Muhammad (pbuh).
     That is because it should be said to both of those nations—the Jews and the Christians: You did not witness these two messengers, Moses and Jesus (peace be upon them), nor did you witness their signs, their miracles, or the proof of their prophethood.
A.So we say to the Jewish nation:
How did you know about the prophethood of Moses (pbuh) and his truthfulness when you did not witness his miracles or the evidence of his prophethood?
B.And we say to the Christian nation:
By what did you know the Messiah (pbuh) and his truthfulness and come to believe in him when you did not even witness his miracles and signs?
 Then, the response to one of these two answers is:
     Answer #1: They say: Our fathers told us about it.
     To which we say: And how do you know they are telling the truth in what they told you?
     So they would resort to:
     Answer #2: They say: Their vast numbers and the testimony of those who saw the miracles, signs, and evidence he came with and then passed it down to us—that is what proves it to us.
     So we say to them: Then you must believe that Muhammad (pbuh) is, truly and honestly, the Messenger of Allah because it is common knowledge that those who passed down reports of the miracles, signs, and evidence of his prophethood (pbuh) are many, many times more numerous, and because Allah (Mighty & Majestic) gave His Messenger, Muhammad (pbuh) both kinds of miracles: tangible and intangible.
     Allah Almighty did not give any prophet anything, except that He gave His Prophet, Muhammad (pbuh) that which is better than it.
     Among the miracles of Moses (pbuh), was the parting of the Red Sea, but Allah (Glorious & Exalted) gave Muhammad (pbuh) the miracle of the splitting of the moon. And this is more intense and more amazing, because it is a sign in the heavens, since no one at that time could reach the moon. As we have indicated previously, modern science has discovered the authenticity of the splitting of the moon.
     Among the miracles of Jesus (peace be upon him) was the raising of the dead. But, Allah (Glorious & Exalted) gave Muhammad (pbuh) the miracle of the tree trunk, which he used to deliver his sermon from, longing for him. The tree trunk was weeping and moaning as a young child does because of how much it missed the Prophet (pbuh) delivering his sermon while leaning on it, after a pulpit had been constructed for him to speak from. This miracle was more intense and amazing than the miracle of Jesus (pbuh) because giving life to wood (the trunk) is greater than giving life to a dead body which used to contain life before it died. The wood, on the other hand, did not originally contain a soul.
     There are many, many more examples of miracles, signs, and scientific inimitability with which the Seal of the Prophets and Messengers, Muhammad (pbuh) came, that prove his prophethood, the veracity of his message, and the truth of the religion he brought from his Lord (Blessed & Exalted). Behold, that religion is Islam!
We would also like to add that the books the Christians believe in are divided into two categories: the Old Testament and the New Testament, but they focus on the New Testament. The Jews, on the other hand, believe in the Old Testament and reject the New Testament. Both the Old Testament and the New Testament are made up of a number of books, letters, and poetry, by different authors, who wrote them at different times, in different places, in languages other than the languages of Revelation, and they did so many years after the death or ascension of the prophet.
     The Old Testament in which the Jews believe is made up of a collection of writings, composed over the ages, from the twelfth century BCE (Before the Common Era) to the second century BCE.
     No manuscripts exist that date back to the original date on which these books were written.
     As for the New Testament which the Christians focus on, most of its books were by unknown authors in the beginning. Many of them were not written by a single author; rather, they were composed by a group of writers. Many of them were written in several stages.
     Perhaps the reader has noticed the use of the word, "written." That is because the Christians do not believe that the book in their hands—the New Testament—is what was spoken by the Messiah (pbuh). Rather, they claim that those who wrote it were "inspired." How does that make sense?
     All of that is conjecture; there is no historical proof for it. So what is this "inspiration" they speak of? And where do these people get this "inspiration"?
     If we wished, we could say: imagination, not inspiration.
     How can everything they wrote be truth from Allah Almighty, when we find contradictions in what they say, and when we find that which opposes reality?
     That is not possible for words spoken by God, the Creator (Glorious & Exalted). Such Words must be in good order, free of contradiction. They cannot fail to agree with the existing facts, as Allah (Glorious & Exalted) created them.
     There is no doubt that the Holy Books of the Jews and the Christians have been corrupted, substituted, and compromised, which has expelled them from the sphere of Divine Guidance for mankind.
     Despite this fact, we still find some clear prophecies foretelling the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in their books. This was support from Allah (Mighty & Majestic) for this final religion with which His Messenger, Muhammad (pbuh) was sent. Behold, it is Islam!
It would be good to talk about the Holy Scripture which was sent down upon the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the Holy Quran, and the protection provided for it by Allah (Blessed & Exalted), even if very briefly:
      The Holy Quran is the Divine Scripture after which no other Holy Book will come. For that reason, it supersedes all previous scriptures. It is the greatest of the Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) miracles, as we have shown, in addition to many other miracles. The Holy Quran was not sent down upon the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) all at once; rather, it continued to be brought down by the Angel Gabriel (peace be upon him) from Allah (Glorious & Exalted) and delivered to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) over the course of 23 years.
     Our Lord (Blessed & Exalted) has taken it upon Himself to preserve His Great Book, the Holy Quran, from being tampered with by human hands, to prevent any changes or substitutions, as with the previous scriptures. That is because there will be no other Divine Scripture after it, nor will there be any other prophet after Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
[1]Please refer to the book, Muhammad (sws) Truly Is the Prophet of Allah (Muhammad, sws, Rasoul Allah, Haqqan wa Sidqan), by the author.
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