1) The Origin of Sins in Christianity

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I) Sin and Forgiveness in Christianity:

1) The Origin of Sins in Christianity:

The story of human sin, according to the Old Testament, begins with Adam (peace be upon him) who lived with Eve in Eden, tending the Garden of God. They were permitted to eat from all trees in the garden except from the Tree of Good and Evil. But a serpent persuaded Eve to eat fruit from that forbidden tree. Eve gave some to Adam, who also


ate the fruit. As a result, they became mortal and God expelled them from Eden. Christian and Jews claim that Adam was seduced by both Eve and the serpent who persuaded him that the forbidden tree was the Tree of Knowledge, and if he ate its fruit, he would be given transcendental knowledge. Christians claim that God, believing Adam would be His rival after acquiring knowledge of the invisible world, became wrathful and uttered imprecations against Adam who was sent down to Earth.

Christians believe that Adam's sin is the mother of all sins. It had remained closely connected to his descendants for ages until the incident of crucifixion occurred. They also believe that evil first existed and then spread all over the world because of Adam's misconduct. In addition, they attribute all sorts of human conflicts and wars to this sin.

The story of crucifixion has always been a source of controversy among Christian leaders who sometimes charge each other with infidelity and atheism.

The most influential of all Christian Apostles was Paul who basically established the doctrines of Christianity known today, especially those related to

the original sin, the sins that followed and the way to have them forgiven. 

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