Sin and Forgiveness in Christianity and Islam

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Sin and Forgiveenss in Christianity and Islam

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of Mankind and Jinns and all that exists, and peace be upon the Master of the Messengers, his family and companions.

The followers of Christianity have been making tremendous efforts to spread their dubious beliefs all over the world, especially the Islamic world. They have got various means that help them propagate their deceptive falsehoods, such as offering medical and educational services, humanitarian aid to those suffering from disasters and catastrophes, etc. Such efforts are usually accompanied by religious ceremonies, Christian propaganda, priestly conducts and numerous theological words and slogans. Besides, some practices of a strange nature are performed in such a manner as to give the impression that something reasonable and serious is being presented to the layman who is supposed to believe that Christianity is based upon great fundamentals and practices which aim at saving mankind.



Christians claim that their belief is constructed upon pillars of tolerence, love, mercy, sympathy and self-denial for the sake of others; and their belief and all efforts at the end aim for the happiness and salvation of human beings from sins.


and getting them into the Kingdom of God, claiming that Christianity is the only way leading to paradise. Furthermore they also insist that their beliefs and efforts will eventually and inevitably lead mankind to eternal happiness through salvation which will free man from sins and take him into the Divine Kingdom of God where Christians only are admitted. However, the truth is far away from what they claim. Two of the amazingly strange things they believe in are (1) the idea of the so-called "original sin and forgiveness", the sin that has been inherited by all mankind from Adam (peace be upon him), and (2) forgiveness of this sin through crucifixion. They also believe that all other religions are false and groundless since none of these grants man the privilege of salvation through the belief in the idea of crucifixion; thus non Christians are not qualified to enter paradise.


What is then the origin of sins according to Christians? And what is the gravest sin for them?


How can sins be forgiven? What are the negative results that emanate from their misleading concepts of sin and forgiveness? Is Christianity the only way to salvation?


What is Islam's notion of the origin of sins? 

And what is the gravest sin according to Islam?

What are the various ways that lead to forgiveness?


What are the positive results that emanate from Islam's concept of sins and the various means adopted to eradicate them?

To answer these questions and many others, the writer will tackle the fundamental subject of sin and forgiveness from an analytical perspective. This will be carried out by comparing Christianity (a divine religion that has undergone a process of mixed distortion, alteration and forgery during which many pagan ideas were grafted to it) to Islam, the true religion which Allah has promised to safeguard from any distortion or taint. This comparison will magnify the wide gap between the falsehood inherent in Christianity and the truthfulness of Islam.

The present research will deal with the following points: 

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