evidence to prove the existence of the Creator

evidence to prove the existence of the Creator

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evidence to prove the existence of the Creator

Is seeking evidence to prove the existence of the Creator is a form of using the evidence of the human experience?

The evidence of creation is based on an innate and certain knowledge of the necessary introductions
In terms of proving the creationn the Qur'an does not follow the path of analogy.
That is to prove the meanings and then to extract the ruling.
While proving the creation depends on direct consideration and observational significance.

Allah said (interpretation of the meaning)

 Or were they created by nothing, or were they the creators [of themselves]?

Quran 52: 35

 Here the verse limits the reason for their presence in three possibilities: either they came from nothing, and this is not accepted because nonexistence can not creat anything. The second possibility is that they created themselves and this is apparent contradiction, the third possibility is that there must be Creator who created them.This is an initial mental reasoning, not an analogy, to say that it is based solely on the human experience. Although we do not see any thing wrong in the inference of human experience, for all the sciences are based on the  human experience. when we said that the universe exists, it is well known that it not self-contained and it must have a creator. Everything in the universe runs according to impressive physical constants and careful control, then there must be a creator. Here we use direct preliminary introductions but not mental measurements or human experiences.The causality as one of our evidence of the existence of the Almighty the Creator does not depend on the sense and the extrapolation, but rather it is a mental principle based on the essential psychological needs.

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