What do you criticize in atheism?

What do you criticize in atheism?

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What do you criticize in atheism?

Atheism requires a much higher faith than the religious faith.

But it is a faith based on false assumptions and absurd fantasies.
To be an atheist you have to imagine that:

A: Nothing is added to nothing, so it became a great thing of the finest according to the most accurate calibration.

B - the coincidence produced the critical limits and physical constants that runs the universe; while the conditions of the coincidence are space and time, and the universe came from nowhere and no time.

C - Randomization produced a life, while the human mind at the top of its power now can not produce the simplest form of life.

D- All the moral values and valuations that we recognize as valid, most of which go in a completely anti-material direction - the original morality - that is a material burden and a loss at the level of the benefits - is one of the products of the material.

These mental areas you have to believe in so that you become an atheist.
Atheism is also based on faith, but faith without knowledge or narrations.

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