Allah’s pardon is of two types:

Abdullah ibn Mushabbib al-Qahtāni

General pardon, which encompasses all wrongdoers from the disbelievers and others, as He removes from them punishments entailed as a result of certain actions and requiring the cessation of blessings to them. Indeed, they offend Him by reviling Him and associating  partners with Him, yet He pardons and provides for them, spreads out the world for them, and gives them respite, out of His pardon and forbearance. Thus, Allah sends down the best to His servants, and evil ascends to Him from them. Indeed, Allah Almighty does not need the worship of His servants. Nonetheless, He shows affection to them through His blessings, and they incur His wrath by disobeying Him, though they stand in need of Him. 

Special pardon, which is given to the repentant, the seekers of His forgiveness, and the supplicants and worshipers among the believers who get afflicted and seek His reward for their patience. 

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