He is the Pardoner..

Abdullah ibn Mushabbib al-Qahtāni

Out of Allah’s supreme pardon, if He pardons one of His servants in this world, He does not retract it on the Day of Judgment. He is the Most Boun tiful. That is the immutable rule Allah Almighty applies with His close servants.

Out of His majesty, as He pardons the repentant sinners in this world, He also pardons persistent sinners among the monotheistic believers in the Hereafter.

And out of His majesty, He pardons sins, no matter how serious they may be, even if they include transgression against His own rights, and He replaces sins with good deeds. Who could ever deal with sins like that except the Almighty Lord? If it were not for the greatness of His pardon, the earth and its inhabitants would be ruined on account of the sins committed thereon.

Out of His great pardon, He guides His servants to the means whereby they can attain His pardon, including good deeds and words and noble morals. Indeed, if a person engages in a lot of righteous acts, they prevail his sins and misdeeds.

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