What does not invalidate fasting

Dr Fakhruddin bin Zubair Al-Mahsi

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1. Eating or drinking forgetfully, by mistake or by force.

2. Eating and drinking from the dish if it is in one’s hand once he hears al-Adhaan.

3. If one wakes up impure.

4. Al-siwak.

5. Mouth rinsing or inhaling water with no exaggeration.

6. Touching and kissing the wife without lust.

7. Tasting food without swallowing.

8. Kohl, drops and ointments which do not reach the stomach except for nose drops which invalidate the fasting.

9. Cooling with water over the head and mouth.

10. Taking non-nutritive needles, and making a blood test, etc.

11. Cupping therapy if it does not make one weak and there is disagreement regarding it.

12. Swallowing saliva, phlegm and things which cannot be avoided such as dust and incense, etc.

13. Taking a tooth out if the blood does not reach the stomach.

14. Perfuming during the day of Ramadan or what is similar as there is no evidence which forbids it.

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