The Tale Human Evolution

Harun Yahya

The claims made by the theory of evolution are not limited only to these but they also declare that humans evolved from apes, and that thus apes are humans' ancestors.

Neither Darwin nor any other evolutionists have any proof to back up their claims. This statement is a totally fantasy. In reality, the reason for bringing forward a theory such as the theory of evolution is to make people forget that Allah created them. If people believe that they occurred by chance and their ancestor was an animal, then they feel no responsibility towards Allah. In turn, this causes them to forget all their religious values and become selfish. Selfish people lose such good feelings as love for their people and their families. You see, evolutionists try to distance people from such loyal feelings, and this is why they assert the theory of evolution. Their aim is to make people forget Allah, and for this reason they tell everyone, "Allah did not create you. You have come from apes, that is, you are an advanced animal."

In truth, Allah created humans. Compared to other living beings, the human being is the only creature that can speak, think, rejoice, and take decisions, is intelligent, can set up civilisations and can communicate at an advanced level. Allah is the One Who has given all these features to the humans.

Neither ape, nor any other creature for that matter, can talk, think or make decisions in the way we do.


In the field of science, it is very important to produce "proof". When you make a claim, and if you want others to believe it, then you have to show some proof. For example, if you introduce yourself to someone and say, "My name is Omar" and then this person says, "I do not believe that your name is Omar," then in that case you would have to have some proof that your name really is Omar. What could your proof be? An ID card could be a proof, or a birth certificate, or passport, or maybe your school report card, among other things. If you show one of these to that person, he will not object .

Now let us give a scientific example. There was a scientist called Newton who lived in the last century who claimed that there is something called the "gravity" on earth. He replied to those who asked him how he knew this, "When an apple falls off a tree, it falls on the ground. It doesn't stay in the air". That meant that there is a force pulling the apple to the ground and he called it "gravity".

Therefore, evolutionists have to show some proof to make their theories believable. For example, the theory of evolution states that the ancestors of humans are the apes. Then we should ask them: Where did you get this idea and where is your proof?

If the ancestors of humans are apes, we should find the fossils of creatures that are half human and half ape as confirmation. However, such a fossil has not been discovered until today. We have only found the fossils of humans or apes. This means that Evolutionists have absolutely no proof that apes are the ancestors of humans.

However, evolutionists try to trick people with their theories. How?



1. Evolutionists show the fossils of extinct ape species as if they belong to creatures that are half human and half ape.

You probably have seen pictures such as the one above. You see, by drawing such pictures, evolutionists try to confuse people. In truth, such creatures have never existed. In the past, there used to be complete humans and complete apes, just like the ones today. None of the half ape and half human creatures shown in the above drawing has ever existed. This is far too unlikely to happen. As we stated earlier, not one fossil has been found to prove it.

However, evolutionists constantly try new tricks on this topic. For example, while handling a fossil that belongs to an extinct species of apes, they claim it to be the fossil of a creature that was between apes and humans. As people are often not well informed about this topic, they are prone to believe the things that evolutionists say.

2. Evolutionists show the fossils of humans belonging to different races as if they are fossils of creatures that are half apes and half humans.

As you know, there are many different ethnic groups of people on earth. There are people belonging to different ethnic groups such as the Africans, Chinese, Red Indians, Turks, Europeans, Arabs and many others. Obviously, people belonging to different ethnic groups sometimes have different features. For example, the Chinese have eyes that are withdrawn to the back; some Africans have very dark skins and very curly hair. When you see a Red Indian or an Eskimo, you immediately know that they belong to a different ethnic group. You see, in the past, there were people of many other ethnic groups and some of their features were perhaps different from those of people today.

For example, the skulls of people belonging to the Neanderthal race were bigger than the skulls of people living today. Their muscles were a lot stronger than ours.

Evolutionists, however, used the differences between this race and ours as a way to deceive people. They say, for instance, when they find the fossil of a Neanderthal skull, "This is the skull of humans' ancestors who have lived tens of thousands of years ago". Sometimes the skull fossils found were smaller than the average skull size of humans today. Holding a skull fossil, evolutionists say, "The owner of this skull was just at the point of changing from an ape into a human".

Just as it is impossible and nonsense for the change depicted in this drawing to have taken place, so are evolutionists' claims impossible and nonsense!

In reality, even today there are people belonging to different ethnic groups that have smaller than average skulls. For example, the skull volume of Aborigines (Australian natives)is quite small, but this does not mean that they are half ape and half human. They are normal human beings just like you and all other human beings.

An Indonesian

A Chinese

A Greek

An Indian

An Aborigine

You can see above the different ethnic groups living on earth today. The skulls on the left also belong to different races. As you can see, many different races exist today, and most of these races have skulls that are very different from each other. Evolutionists held these human skulls that are different from each other and presented them as if they are different species. In truth, the differences between the features of the skulls do not show different species but show different human races.

(a,b,c) Northern Races

(d,e,f) African Americans

(g,h,i) Australians

Consequently, we can see that the fossils evolutionists show as proof of humans evolving from apes either belong to earlier species of apes or human races that are now extinct. This means that half human and half ape creatures have never existed.



1. The Piltdown Man Hoax

The fake Piltdown Man that evolutionists fabricated by fixing an ape's jaw to a human skull.

In 1912, the evolutionary scientists found a fossil of a jaw bone and a skull fragment. The jaw bone looked like that of an ape and the skull fragment looked like that of a human. According to the evolutionists, this creature was half human and half ape. These pieces were said to be about 500 thousand years old, and it was said they were proof that humans evolved from apes.


These bones were displayed as the proof of evolution for nearly 40 years, in various museums around the world. However, in 1949, some tests were applied to the bones and a very surprising result was attained: The jaw bone was not 500 thousand years old, but merely 2 or 3 years old. The skull bones belonged to the fossil of an ordinary human and they were only a couple of thousand years old.

The truth was realised later: Somebody had put an ape's jaw bone onto that of an ancient human skull, and covered it with some chemicals to make it look old.

When evolutionists could not find a half-human half-ape fossil, they attempted to manufacture a fake one.

This event was recorded in science history as the biggest hoax perpetrated by scientists.

2.The Nebraska Man Hoax

The Nebraska Man drawn on the basis of a single tooth. It is extraordinary how imaginative evolutionists can be.

In 1922, the fossil of a molar tooth was found. Evolutionists claimed that this tooth had the features of both humans and apes. Afterwards, a picture of a creature imagined to exist between man and the apes was drawn taking this single tooth as basis. Some evolutionists carried it even further and drew a family for this imaginary creature.

All these drawings were made taking a single tooth as a basis… Now think for a moment. If one of your teeth fell out, and someone who never met you before picks it up and claims that he can draw an exact picture of you just by looking at that tooth, would you believe him? Wouldn't it sound just like a hoax, if he claimed that not only could he draw you but your family as well? Obviously, it is total nonsense to try to make a drawing of a creature and his family by only looking at a single tooth.

In 1927, there was an amazing discovery. All the other skeletal pieces of the creature to which the tooth belonged were found. The tooth belonged neither to a human nor to an ape.

It belonged to a pig…

This event was a true disaster for evolutionists.

Do you see these drawings? Each evolutionist made different drawings while looking at the same skull. They seem uncertain as to how they should draw the creature. This is because such creatures have never existed. These are all fabrications of adult professors! What would your friends say if you found a bone while walking, made a drawing like these and said, "Let me show you drawings of creatures that lived long ago"?


A drawing that appeared in the Sunday times on 5th April 1964

Maurice Wilson's Drawing

N. Parker's drawing from the National Geographic in September 1960

You would probably never do such a thing, because you know that it wouldn't be intelligent. However, for some reason, evolutionary scientists cannot understand how stupid such a thing is.


1. Scientists have found fossils of humans that lived very long ago. These human fossils display no differences when compared to humans today. Moreover, the era during which these people lived is an era in which evolutionists claim that humans were still not formed. They claim that in that age, only the apes existed.

This 800 thousand-year-old skull belonged to a human being. It proves that evolutionists are fabricating hoaxes.

For instance, during the excavations of a cave in Spain, the fossils of a child who had lived about 800 thousand years ago were found. The face of this child had the same features as those of children today. However, if it was as evolutionists claim, there should have been no humans present 800 thousand years ago. There should have been half human half-ape creatures 800 thousand years ago. It was clear, when the fossil in Spain was found, that humans have existed as humans since they were first created. There have never been any half human and half ape creatures.

2. Scientists discovered the remains of a stone hut. When they calculated its age, they concluded that it was at least 1,5 million years old. This means that the humans who lived 1,5 million years ago were to some degree civilised. They were regular people just like the people of today. This makes total nonsense of evolutionists' claims such as that humans evolved from apes, and that first there was primitive man (half human, half ape) who then evolved into today's mankind.

The Turkana Boy skeleton proves that the children were just like us even 1.6 million years ago.

3. One of the oldest fossils found to date is that of the Turkana Boy, which is about 1.6 million years old. When the fossil was closely examined it was discovered that it belonged to a human about 12 years old, and that he would have been 1.80 m (5ྖ") tall if he had reached adulthood. This fossil alone, with its exact resemblance to human skeletons of today, was enough to destroy the belief that humans originated from apes.


4. Humans, among all living things, are the only creatures that can walk upright on two feet. Animals such as the horse, the dog and the ape are four-legged, and animals such as snakes, crocodiles and lizards are reptiles.

The theory of evolution claims that, millions of years ago, four-legged apes changed their walking style into a bent position. The apes continued to walk bent until their walk became upright. As a result, the human form was established. These claims made by the theory of evolution are not based on any scientific evidence but are rather based on total imagination. Studies made by scientists in recent years have proven that this claim of the evolutionists is totally unscientific nonsense!

It is impossible for apes that walk bent on four feet to change into human beings who walk upright on two feet.

Studies have shown that creatures best use their energies when they walk on either two feet or four. Creatures spend twice the energy when they try to walk bent and out of their natural posture.

Then, why would the apes walk bent, spending twice the energy, for thousands of years? It would be the same as if an adult human tried to crawl with a full load on his back. Would you, while able to walk comfortably on your two feet, suddenly decide to do a handstand and walk henceforth on your palms? Obviously, no creature would switch from a relaxed walking style to an uncomfortable walking style. Allah has created each creature with the ability to move in the most comfortable way.

In conclusion, the theory of evolution cannot answer the question, "Why did four-legged apes decide one day to walk on only two?"


The biggest difference between an ape and a human is that humans have souls and apes don't. Humans have consciousness: they think, speak and convey their thoughts to others in rational sentences, make decisions, feel, develop tastes, know about art, paint, compose songs, sing and are full of love and values. All of these faculties are particular to the human soul. Animals do not have souls. No one other than a human could have these unique features.

Wouldn't it be unreasonable to say that humans originated from octopuses just because the eyes of an octopus look like that of a human?
Evolutionists are unable to answer this question. To resemble a human, an ape would have to go through many physical changes and would have to have the other faculties peculiar to human beings. Is there any force in nature that can give such abilities as painting, thinking, or composing to any ape? Of course not!


Allah created only humans with such abilities and He has not given animals any of these faculties. The human has been a human from the day he was created. The fish were always fish and the birds were always birds. No creature is the ancestor of another. Allah is the Creator of all humans and all other living beings.

The reason that evolutionists claim that the humans have originated from apes is the physical resemblance between the two. However, other creatures on earth resemble humans more closely. For example, the parrots seen in the picture can talk. Octopuses have eyes just like those of a human. Cats and dogs listen to and follow orders, just like a person. What would you think if someone said that humans originated from dogs, parrots, or the octopus? You see, there is no difference between this idea and the stories evolutionists fabricate.

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