2. The Da’wah to Monotheism

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2. The Da’wah to Monotheism

The essential message of Islam needs to reach the masses of Westerners. The majority of Westerners today do not have the slightest inkling of what Islam teaches. The vast majority of converts in the West are a product of family da’wah based on Allaah’s instruction to the Prophet (pbuh):

“And warn your close family members.”10


When a person converts, he or she immediately attempts to invite all of their family members to Islam. In this way, the numbers of converts increase exponentially. However great this individual effort may be, it cannot supplant the basic need for da‘wah materials in sufficiently large numbers to reach the general masses. Likewise the impact of TV and Radio da’wah cannot be underestimated. There are already a number of Islamic programs in Arabic being broadcast on sattelite, however, very little in the way of English da’wah is taking place. More useful da’wah tracts need to be developed. The Deedat approach has become outmoded with its harsh rhetoric. Alternative materials need to be introduced internationally.

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