A)The Theory of Continuous Creation (Steady State Theory)

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A)The Theory of Continuous Creation (Steady State Theory):
The Theory of Continuous Creation explained the stable density of the universe despite the increasing distance between its parts by postulating that: matter comes and takes the place of matter that has moved away, which is how the universe maintains its density despite its expansion. Then they said: It is like that, for the universe is in a steady state and it has been that way forever; it has no beginning and no end.
     Then came the question that invalidated this deduction, and therefore the theory: Where did this matter come from?
     Some of the proponents of this theory—at the beginning—said that it was created from nothing, but many objected to saying something like that, since nothing cannot create something.
     Before long, scientists discovered facts that brought this theory to its death. They found incontrovertible evidence that the universe does not remain in one state as this theory postulated, which is why it was called Steady State Theory.
     It was proven that the universe was in a state of change, contrary to what this theory proposed, and the theory could not explain the change. That is why scientists have turned away from it toward another theory: the Big Bang Theory.[1]
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